Zhang Ziyi Might Be A Hooker

The hot Asian chick from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, aka the only foreign film you’ve ever seen, might be a $1 million a night escort.

E! Online reports:

Zhang Ziyi is demanding an apology from a Hong Kong newspaper and other outlets that reported she was paid millions of dollars to carry on a sexual relationship with scandal-smeared Chinese politician Bo Xilai and is now the target of a government investigation. Per various media reports, Boxun alleged that a billionaire pal of Bo’s introduced him to Zhang and that, since 2007, he has paid her millions of dollars for sex—and that the Memoirs of a Geisha star has pocketed $100 million from liaisons with multiple high-ranking, deep-pocketed government officials over the past 10 years.

Of course she denies it, but I really hope this is true. Because if it is, Zhang joins the ranks of other celebrity hookers like Lindsay Lohan and Victoria Silvstedt. We already know Kelly Brook turned down the chance to get paid for sex (at least publicly) so the jet-set could really use a bit of hotness added to their celebrity hooker options.

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