Vivien Leigh Was A Bisexual Slut

Only narcissistic weirdos want to see themselves on a movie screen or naked in photoshoots, so I hope this doesn’t surprise anyone. Daily Mail reports:

According to a new biography, the actress who starred as southern belle Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind was a serial bisexual adulterer. Her marriage to Olivier was a sham, with both cheating on one another within months of becoming lovers in 1937, according to unpublished memoirs and witness accounts. At least three of the Oscar winner’s lesbian conquests are revealed in ‘Damn You, Scarlett O’Hara’, to be published in the U.S. And, according to reports, the biography describes her insatiable appetite for ‘rough trade’ – male prostitutes picked up at Scotty’s, a Los Angeles brothel that masqueraded as a petrol station. ‘She depended on the professional discretion of men not to boast they had just serviced Scarlett O’Hara,’ a publishing source said. Miss Leigh was apparently even kicked out of an Italian hotel for bringing back too many ‘street boys’.

Literally nothing in Hollywood surprises me anymore. James Dean liked little boys, Elvis Presley had a homosexual relationship with Nick Adams, the actor played Johnny Yuma in the hit TV series “The Rebel”, Lucille Ball got into show business by being a prostitute, Cary Grant had an incestuous relationship with his stepson, police believed Bette Davis killed her second husband, and Scarlett O’Hara needed bukkake to go to sleep. I swear to God, if I found out that Jason Stratham was born a woman and needs to put cigarettes out on Cambodian babies to get off, I would fully expect it.

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