Vida Guerra Is Still Alive

Vida Guerra posed for this month’s Black Man Magazine (well, of course she did) and she’s basically the Mexican Coco. At least I think she’s Mexican. I didn’t really bother to look it up. She has a lot of vowels in her name, so I just kinda assumed. If I can be honest, minorities scare me. Just last week I pulled up to Solas and a Mexican guy said “Hola” and asked for my keys. He was standing by a sign that said “valet”. I threw my keys at him and ran away. What does “hola” mean? What is a “valet”? Is that some sort of gang slang?! Oh God help me!! Help me!!

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Vida Guerra and Her Thong Bikini

Who in the hell knows how Vida Guerra got to write “model” on her tax forms. Cover up her big ass and she looks like this. Uncover her big ass and from behind she looks like Baby Bop with a spray tan. Unless I was trying to sell rims or airbrushed T-shirts, I don’t see how either of these two options would be included in the marketing section of my business plan.

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Vida Guerra’s (old) hacked cell phone pictures just because (NSFW):

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