George Zimmerman Killed Trayvon Martin Because It Was “God’s Plan”

Since they share a hatred for poor black people, George Zimmerman and Sean Hannity but aside their cultural differences and sat down for an interview and ratings. Long story short, if you kill someone, just use the cop out Christians have been using for centuries: it was all God’s plan. Gawker reports:

The apology came at the end of the interview, with Zimmerman telling Hannity what he’d say to Martin’s family. “I would tell them again that I’m sorry. I am sorry they buried their child. I can’t imagine what it must feel like, and I pray for them daily.” Despite the apology, Zimmerman made it clear that he didn’t regret any of his actions, because it was all divinely pre-ordained. “It was all God’s plan, and for me to second guess it or judge it…,” he said before trailing off. When Hannity asked if there was anything he’d do differently in retrospect, Zimmerman answered, “No, sir.” Later he added, “I do wish there was something, anything, I could have done that wouldn’t have put me in the position where I had to take his life.” Earlier in the interview, Zimmerman defended having a gun on him, noting that he always carried one unless he was at work.

Man, there’s faith in action. Remember in the Bible when Jesus carried a concealed weapon and accosted people in his gated community because he took it upon himself to decide who should be there and who shouldn’t? No? Oh, that’s because it didn’t fucking happen. If it was God’s plan for you to murder an unarmed teenager, then God has some fucked up plans. Like giving people cancer and killing people in natural disasters. Because, I hate to break it to you, God has no plan. At best, he’s an apathetic six-year old burning ants with a magnifying glass. And George Zimmerman is a racist murderer who finally gave himself reason to pull out his gun that he spent his whole adult life ready to use. Fuck him and fuck his God if he can sit there with a straight face and take no responsibility for killing an unarmed teenager then have the fucking balls to say it was some pre-ordained plan that he was helpless to stop. Here’s a hint, stay the fuck inside your house and pray for God to save you if a skipping teenager with a bag of Skittles paralyzes you with fear. Oh, that’s right, you only pray for the family whose life you destroyed. How very Christian of you.

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Russell Simmons Is Trayvon Martin’s Parents’ BFF Now

I guess Russell Simmons is considered a leader in the black community in the way that Dora the Explorer is considered a leader in Hispanic community, because they both had a television show and a catchphrase I guess. Anyway, Trayvon Martin‘s parents went to visit Russell Simmons while in New York because he too wears hoodies or something. I don’t know actually. Radar Online reports:

Trayvon Martin’s parents Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton have found a friend in hip hop mogul Russell Simmons. The grieving parents and the music powerbroker crossed paths last week, Simmons told the New York Post during a recent Broadway showing of Leap of Faith. “As they came by my office during their short time in New York, I was able to see firsthand the strength of these two beautiful people,” the New York-based Simmons blogged on his site Global Grind about the meeting. “As a father, I could never understand the pain they have been feeling since [February] 26th. However, they have carried themselves with so much dignity and compassion, that it is no surprise that the [movement] for justice for their seventeen year old son has followed their lead.”

This is part where I would normally give Russell Simmons credit for doing this, but since this isn’t the kind of site we’re running here, let me just point out that this is the same Russell Simmons who defended Chris Brown after he beat the shit out of Rihanna. As you recall, he said that the media was too hard on him and he deserved a break. So based on that logic, if George Zimmerman was black and Trayvon Martin was a woman or white, Russell Simmons would probably have something different to say about this whole situation. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. Or maybe Russell Simmons is an idiot who is said that a black teenager never to got to grow to beat up a woman. Who’s to say really?

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Spike Lee Is Here To Help

Unless you were just recently discovered and thawed by scientists in Antarctica and are now scared and confused by the new world around you, you are very familiar with the shooting death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin inside the gated community of The Retreat at Twin Lakes by 28-year old neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman on February 26. Zimmerman, who was on the phone with the Sanford Police while following Martin (Martin also made a call to the police during the incident), claimed he shot and killed the teenager in self-defense invoking Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law. However, due to conflicting eyewitness testimony, the Sanford Police Department’s bungling of the immediate and initial investigation, and allegations of racism, this has become an inevitable sensationalized, media circus that has garnered worldwide attention resulting in protests and rallies around the country.

In their quest for justice, many activists have taken it upon themselves to do the law’s job. Particularly, Marcus Davonne Higgins. Who tweeted the address of George Zimmerman to every celebrity he could think of and asked them to repost. Spike Lee did. The Smoking Gun reports:

The original tweet was sent to Lee (and numerous other celebrities like Will Smith, 50 Cent, and LeBron James) last Friday afternoon by Marcus Davonne Higgins, a 33-year-old Los Angeles man who uses the online handle “maccapone.” Higgins included the direction, “EVERYBODY REPOST THIS.” Higgins, pictured at right, first began disseminating the Sanford address to his Twitter followers last Wednesday, including the claim that Zimmerman “Like the fat punk he is, he still lives at home with mommie & daddy.” In a simultaneous post to his Facebook wall, Higgins told his 4000 friends, “FEEL FREE TO REACH OUT & TOUCH HIM.” He also claimed in another post that, “REAL TALK MY PEOPLE OUT THERE IN FLORIDA JUST TOLD ME GEORGE ZIMMERMAN IS NOT AT HIS HOUSE THEY OUT THERE RIGHT NOW.”

However, in case his tweets didn’t give it away, Marcus Davonne Higgins isn’t a licensed detective and apparently also has rudimentary knowledge of public records. Because you see, 159 Edgewater Circle, is the current address of David and Elaine McClain, a married couple in their 70s who work for the public school system. And “George W. Zimmerman” is 6’5″ and white. And the man who shot Trayvon Martin is “George M. Zimmerman”. Who is 5’9″ and self-described as Hispanic.

The man who shot Martin is George Michael Zimmerman. Higgins has repeatedly identified him as “George W. Zimmerman.” The residence on Edgewater Circle is actually the home of David McClain, 72, and his wife Elaine, 70. The McClains, both of whom work for the Seminole County school system, have lived in the 1310-square-foot lakefront home for about a decade, records show…Besides overlooking the different middle initial, perhaps that answer is connected to an old voter record for a “William George Zimmerman” at the Edgewater Circle property. That registration, which dates back to 1995, is for a 41-year-old man. The Zimmerman who shot Martin is 28.

Yeah, so guess what’s happening now. You’ll never believe it.

In an interview tonight, Elaine McClain told TSG that she and her husband were “afraid” due to the online linking of her address to Zimmerman. “We’re keeping everything locked,” she said. McClain added that the couple was particularly unnerved by a letter mailed to them at their home. On the envelope, she said, were printed the words “Taste The Rainbow…The McClains (pictured below) only became aware that their address was being widely circulated online two days ago, when a TV reporter arrived at their home asking for “George.” Bewildered by their sudden–and erroneous–connection to Martin’s killer, the elderly couple’s distress can only be heightened by posts made by Twitter and Facebook users who threaten to visit their residence in search of Zimmerman. Or other posts that goad followers to vigilante action.

If you take the time to read the full details and evidence of the case, you quickly realize some shady shit went down. And you’ll soon realize that only two people actually know what happened, and one of them was shot dead carrying only a bag of Skittles and an iced tea. Trayvon Martin was suspended from school and wearing a hoodie, but that doesn’t mean he should have lost his life over it. And George Zimmerman, who wrapped a horrible idea in his own perceived good intentions, finally found the trouble that he, by all accounts, spends all his days looking for. And everyday since we have been bombarded by the media with nothing more than speculation and fear, including Geraldo Rivera’s now infamous victim blaming statement that Martin’s hoodie got him killed (umm, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X would like a word). So instead of Spike Lee pouring gasoline on an already volatile situation and potentially causing more innocent lives to be lost, maybe he should shut the fuck up and let people who know what they’re doing handle it. It should be obvious to everyone that the murder of Trayvon Martin was racially motivated (Settle down, white people. Zimmerman is Hispanic. You’re off the hook. This time), and anybody who refuses to see that is part of the problem. At the same time, we shouldn’t be too quick to call Zimmerman a raging bigot, because the same media that makes you want to believe that, is the same media that has perpetuated the stereotype that has been systematically seared into Zimmerman’s brain and therefore partly responsible for him shooting a black teenager in the chest. So get your shit together, America. The world doesn’t end at your community’s gate. Or the end of your block. It’s a round world last time I checked.

UPDATE: The police surveillance video taken the night that George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin was released today, and remember that part where Zimmerman had a broken nose and was covered in blood because Martin nearly beat him to death? Man, Zimmerman must have some kind of mystical healing powers.

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