DJ AM is Suing Now

On September 18th of last year, DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) and former Blink 182 drummer, Travis Barker were the sole survivors of a Learjet crash in South Carolina that left four people dead. Goldstein and Barker both suffered burns and were listed in critical condition. Somebody apparently has to pay for that. TMZ reports:

The way it breaks down, DJ AM wants at least $10 mil in damages for medical bills, lost earnings and profits and other economic damages. And he wants another $10 mil for mental and physical pain and suffering and other “non-economic losses.”

DJ AM gets points I guess for being the last one to sue the company that booked the jet (Travis Barker and the family of the other victims have already filed lawsuits), but crashing and being burned alive is one of possible scenarios when you decide to travel in a giant floating metal tube filled with gasoline. Sometimes shit goes wrong. That’s why I only travel by winged unicorn or dragon. They have much more reliable landing gear.

DJ AM used to date Mandy Moore:

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Shanna Moakler is Psychic

Shanna Moakler, sometimes wife of Travis Barker, has told Us Magazine that she was supposed to be on the plane that crashed in South Carolina shortly after take off on September 19. She claims she didn’t board because she had a bad feeling. You know, like that one movie.

“I was supposed to go with [Travis] to South Carolina, and at the last minute, I had this gnarly feeling and said, “I don’t think we should fly together anymore.” Go forbid something ever happened – our kids wouldn’t have both parents. Instead of flying a commercial flight back home, they decided to take a private jet. He emailed me pictures of the plane and wrote, “It’s really small and scary.” I had a bad feeling, but didn’t want to sound strange, so I said,”Be safe.”

It’s not clear why Shanna Moakler would bring this up now, but in case you were wondering, Travis Barker said in one of his MySpace blogs that after this staged photo op at the hospital Moakler never came back to visit him. Oh wait, it is clear. Never mind. There’s no telling what she’s gonna do if Barker doesn’t get abducted by aliens or sold into slavery soon. Maybe she can start wearing a viking helmet and carrying a trident. Or maybe she can rob a bank. I don’t know. There’s gotta be something out there to help this chick think the world revolves around her.

The Shanna Moakler pictures I can bring myself to post:

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Shanna Moakler Visits Travis Barker

Here’s Shanna Moakler leaving the hospital where her on-off-on-off-on-on-offonoooff oh screw it, where her still, I think, husband Travis Barker is recovering from the injuries he sustained in that plane crash. These pictures aren’t funny. I mean, she didn’t need to keep that sterile hair holder thing on after she left his room and I’m glad she woke up from her perpetual nap long enough to visit him, but still these aren’t funny. But they do remind me of when I used to volunteer at a nursing home. I swear at least ten women sported that same blue afro. Bless their hearts.

Photos: Splash

Updated crash videos:

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Travis Barker and DJ AM Will Be Fine

As you may have already heard, former Blink 182 drummer, Travis Barker, and DJ AM were the only survivors of a Learjet crash in South Carolina on Friday night. They are both in critical condition in a local burn ward. The plane, which was headed to California after a concert in Columbia, crashed shortly after take off. Chris Baker, 29, Charles Still, 25, Sarah Lemmon, 31, James Bland, 52, all died at the scene. The cause of the wreck is currently under investigation. Yahoo! News reports:

Former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and celebrity disc jockey DJ AM are expected to fully recover from burns they suffered in a fiery South Carolina jet crash that killed the other four people aboard, one of their doctors said Sunday. Dr. Fred Mullins, medical director of the Joseph M. Still Burn Center, said the two suffered second- and third-degree burns but had no other injuries from the crash that one witness described as a fireball shooting across a highway. “Anybody who can survive a plane crash is pretty lucky,” Mullins told reporters during a news conference Sunday morning. Barker was burned on his torso and lower body and DJ AM, whose real name is Adam Goldstein, was burned on an arm and a portion of his scalp, according to a statement from the musicians’ families released by the hospital. Mullins declined to discuss specific recovery times for the men, but said such injuries can take a year to fully heal. Both men are still in critical but stable condition, he said.”

Let’s take a moment to say we hope these guys pull through. I can understand how a plane crash can make you rethink a lot of things in your life. When I kept crashing in Air Combat, I really thought about if I should get a new controller for my PlayStation.

See video here.

More video. Thanks, Mick.

Photos: Splash; AP

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