Susan Sarandon Hates America

Susan Sarandon is only tolerable because she has huge tits, but it’s election time, so not even those can make us ignore her insane illogical ramblings. Liz Smith reports:

She says if John McCain gets elected, she will move to Italy or Canada. She adds, “It’s a critical time, but I have faith in the American people.”…What? You thought Susan of all people would be for Hillary Clinton? Well, no. She told John Hiscock: “I thought the whole point of feminism is that you’re not supposed to be defined by gender. I don’t understand the reasoning behind that, because I wouldn’t vote for Condoleezza Rice, and I hated Margaret Thatcher.”

Coincidentally, Sarandon’s husband, Tim Robbins, and many other celebrities said the same thing before George Bush was elected both times. Guess what? They’re still here. I wonder why they haven’t left yet? I don’t know her reasons, but I’m guessing they’re mostly due to the fact that she lives in the fucking United States of America. An illegal immigrant would roll down a barbed wire lined volcano and feed his family to dinosaurs if it meant he could get a job cleaning up cigarette butts in a Denny’s parking lot, but poor Miss Sarandon just won’t be able to go on in her hilltop mansion if Obama isn’t elected. If I turn out to be the winning bid *crosses fingers* for that nuclear missle auction on eBay, I’m gonna have a hard time deciding between Hollywood or Beverly Hills.

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