Here’s The Joker Giving Harley Quinn The Pimp Hand In ‘Suicide Squad’

In what I assume is a leaked video from the set of Suicide Squad, here’s Jared Leto as The Joker (without the tattoos) and Margot Robbie (not wearing a Harley Quinn costume). Take it away, Uproxx.

Harley is standing in front of Joker’s car. She screams “Get out of the car” then mouths the word p*ssy. And she makes that look adorable. Joker revs the engine, then gets out. They argue briefly and another guy approaches to break it up. She shoots him then points the gun at Joker. He does the old “put his forehead against the barrel, daring her to shoot him” thing before grabbing the gun, pointing it at his own head, and slapping her, so there’s your answer if you wondered if they’d tone down the fact Joker beats up Harley and messes with her head.

Man, can’t wait to read the think piece about this video on Salon and Jezebel. Should be a good time, guys.


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So, Yeah. The Joker Is Probably In ‘Batman Vs. Superman’


Larry Fong, the cimenatographer for Batman Vs. Superman, posted this photo of a card stuck in concrete, leading many to speculate that The Joker (it better be Vincent Cassel) will make an appearance in the movie. Also, Ben Affleck's Batman suit is actually blue and grey and an exact replica of the suit in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. What does this all mean? I'm not sure. I got laid pretty recently.

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