The Game Says 50 Cent Is A Closet Homosexual

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During a Twitter argument (don’t you love those?) with the always petty and sanctimonious starfuckers at TMZ, The Game, defended his interview with VLADTV by prattling off names of people he knows that are gay. Yes, that list included 50 Cent.

Look @TMZ its simple: if your GAY be GAY!!! I don’t have a problem with GAY people… I like Elton John’s music a lot #StraightTweet (sic)

@TMZ but look around, shit I be surprised when I see someone who’s not GAY. My girl hair stylist is GAY & he cool. @50cent GAY n we was cool.

Why does the word “GAY” always stir up so much MADNESS ? If ur GAY, kool. If youre NOT GAY, that’s kool 2. Be WHATEVER u wanna be

Oh oh oh……one more thing: it ain’t only GAY men living on the DL spreading HIV & STD’S … its some of you dirty dick straight [men] 2

I only bring this up because 50 Cent was reportedly dating Chelsea Handler earlier this year. And if you happen to click on the link to the Chelsea Handler post then stare at the banner picture, this whole gay thing will make a lot more sense to you.

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The Game Is An Idiot

The Game wanted to play a prank on his Twitter followers. Uh, okay. TMZ says:

Rapper The Game could face criminal charges after he tweeted the phone number of the sheriff’s station in Compton, CA — but told people it was the number to call for an internship — causing the station’s phone lines to become overrun with calls and delaying emergency services. The calls began around 5:20 PM PT, with most callers hanging up when they heard it was a sheriff’s station … and the rest asking how they could intern for The Game. Deputies eventually discovered The Game’s tweets and Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Parker tweeted at him to put an end to it. The Game eventually responded and deleted the tweets. The calls ended around 8:00 PM, but Capt. Parker said it was unclear how many people with legitimate calls could not get through during that time. According to the Sheriff’s Department, they plan on turning over a complaint to the District Attorney’s office to possibly file charges — including delaying or obstructing a peace officer in the performance of their duties.


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The Game Might be Going to Prison

Rapper, The Game, faces more than five years in state prison after he was charged Monday with making a criminal threat and possessing a firearm in a school zone during a Feb. 24 pickup basketball game in South Los Angeles. The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, is scheduled to be arraigned today. MSNBC reports:

Taylor pulled a gun from his red Cadillac Escalade after punching a player on the opposing team and threatened to shoot him, police said. The hip-hop star was arrested May 11 at his Glendale home by police executing a search warrant and was released on $50,000 bail. He also is charged with exhibiting a firearm in the presence of an officer.”

Wait, you mean to tell me that a rapper acted like an idiot in a public place and pulled out a gun? A rapper? Whoa, excuse me if I find that hard to believe, sir. Most rappers spend their days at the library or volunteering for their community watch programs, but engaging in ridiculous violence? Oh now you’re just making up lies, my friend.

Guess who used to date The Game? Well, of course she did:

Note: The banner picture is Paris Hilton, The Game, Elliot Mintz and Kim Kardashian.

Just for fun, here’s The Game getting dumped on Change of Heart years ago:

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