Good Lawd Sophia Bush

About once or twice a year Sophia Bush shows up to an event or walks down the street to remind everyone how damn hot she is, and Friday she blessed the dress by putting it on and going to NBCUniversal’s 2015 Winter TCA Tour. This might be top secret, but my penis 160 confirmed kills in her vagina. I also beat up Thor in a bar one time. You can read more in a my book. What, you don’t believe me? *slips on uniform* hahahaha, joke’s on you! I’m in a uniform now so that means I’m incapable of lying and if you don’t believe every word I say, you’re a traitor. How would you like me to sign your copy?

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Hello There, Sophia Bush

Even though she sounds like a transvestite, I always forget how perfectly adorable Sophia Bush is until she randomly shows up in one of the pic agencies. Then of course I post them then say what I just said in the first sentence. Like here, when she was Extra TV with Mario Lopez (who were both, coincidentally, naked in Nip/Tuck before it got too Nip/Tuck-y). Anway, long story short, she's cuter than a baby koala bathing a kitten. Except she's has those legs and a vagina. I'm a big fan of vagina. Big fan, big fan.

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Sophia Bush at Whole Foods in West Hollywood:

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Sophia Bush Reminded Me Again

I know I talk a lot about how much I want to explore Megan Fox and Kate Upton‘s vaginas like an explorer discovering a new world, but in a Quantum Leap episode where that would actually happen, I realize that I would have to hold a conversation with them at some point. And that’s not something I’m particularly interested in. My penis just called me a fag, but Sophia Bush makes an appearance on here when I’m reminded how fucking cute and adorable she is. We could go on a picnic and she could twirl her hair while I open a bottle of wine. We could talk about our past experiences and our common interests. We could discuss or dreams and our beliefs. We could inch our hands closer together until our eyes meet. Then, you know, I’d lick her vagina. Let’s not forget the part where I lick her vagina.

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Sophia Bush Is My Wife

I post pics of Sophia Bush then I forget about her for months, then she shows up again at CoverGirl’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, then I remember that I’m supposed to drive 90 minutes to Wilmington and stalk her on the set of One Tree Hill. She is almost unbearably cute. If I stuck my tongue in her vagina, I’d fully expect it to be tickled by a giggling baby koala cub riding a seesaw made out of gumdrops.

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Sophia Bush Is Katy Perry

[SinglePic not found]

In my race to post as few Halloween pictures as possible, I manged to miss this picture of Sophia Bush and some dude dressed up like Katy Perry and Russell Brand. Sophia posted this on her official Twitter in between talking about stalkers and gay rights. So in conclusion, if you want me to get behind your message, wearing a tight dress with your tits pushed up is a good way to start a dialogue. With that dialogue being mostly about anal.

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Sophia Bush Is Upset, Hot

[SinglePic not found]

When tweeting stops being polite, and starts getting real. ONTD says:

Basically someone hacked into Sophia’s co-star and friend Bethany Joy Galeotti’s personal FB and stole a pretty personal photo that was only meant to be seen by close family and friends. What was it? It was a sonogram e-card type thing. It even stated the sex of her unborn child. Joy hasn’t even confirmed her pregnancy since she’s a very private person.

Man, that sucks. But back to me, One Hill Tree Hill films in Wilmington, so I have no idea why I haven’t drove down there and hid under her trailer. Some people might call it rape, but I’d like to think of it as a surprise party for her vagina. Every girl likes surprises!

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