SNL Did An ISIS Skit. Good Morning


Hey, remember when Western teenagers would join Greenpeace or date a minority to piss off their parents? That was cool. Now they’re joining ISIS for some reason. ISIS, as you know, is a terrorist organization who has hijacked a religion and twisted it’s principles and teachings to justify killing and subjugating others. It’s sorta like the CPAC but with less air conditioning and hand made signs. Anyway, making fun of extremists is always fun. Here’s some links.


Lady Gaga is topless in her new music video  (NSFW)  Taxi Driver Movie

These two are coming for Kelly Osbourne’s job   Dlisted

SHIT  The Superficial

I agree with this statement   Hollywood Tuna

Taylor Swift kissing things  Drunken Stepfather

Elle Fanning has been doing some squats   Popoholic

Khloe Kardashian has to special order her yoga pants   Celebslam

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