Buffy With Baby

The news that Sarah Michelle Gellar is all knocked up with Freddie Prinze Jr’s kid is just about the only interesting thing that’s happening this weekend, so pictures of the knocked up Vampire Slayer are the commodity.

I don’t really get it, but I avoid pregnancy like the plague. Some sort of baby plague that must be avoided using Mifepristone and a wire coat hanger.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar is Pregnant

After six years of marriage, actress(?) Sarah Michelle Gellar and husband, actor(?) Freddie Prinze, Jr., are expecting their first child. People reports:

…a source close to the couple confirms exclusively to PEOPLE. “They’re very excited,” says the source, adding that the actress, 31, is due in the fall.

Eh, I remember Sarah Michelle Gellar being hot for like a week in 1997, but this chick has hit the wall harder than Dale Earnhardt. For their sake, let’s hope this kid comes out with angel wings and a trident, because this might be the most boring shit I’ve read all day.

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Re-Create The Greatest Kiss, Go To Vegas

If you’re having trouble convincing your significant other to let you film your…um…private acts, maybe we have a lead in for you.

NetFlix is having a contest to see who can best re-create famous kisses from film. They’ve set up a YouTube page and everything.

The best part is that it’s vote-based, so if you’re popular and attractive, you can get your friends to watch you make out with someone, and that making out might get you two free trips. The top three videos win trip to New York where the participants will kiss on stage. The winning couple gets flown to Las Vegas for some sort of getaway (we’re guessing “romantic’).

You can check out the official site here, or the YouTube page here, but they all suck thus far, so get kissing. (more…)

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Sarah Michelle Gellar is Slutty

I never understood the whole Buffy thing, but damn if Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn’t look absolutely fantastic in this new Randall Slavin photoshoot. No clue what it’s for exactly, mostly because I didn’t bother to look it up, but blondes with long legs can pretty much sell anything. This whole shoot could be for an ad promoting automatic weapons in pre-K, and I’d at least read the brochure.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar gets naked for Vaseline ads:

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Does Maxim

I guess Sarah Michelle Gellar realized I thought she was dead, because here she is in a bra and topless in next month’s issue of Maxim. Yay. Lucky me. If I close my eyes hard enough I can think she’s hot. While I’m at it, I can download some Metallica off Napster, watch the Columbine massacre on CNN, bet on the Broncos in the Super Bowl, and other stuff that I was doing in 1999.

Source: Maxim.com

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