Sara Underwood Hates America & Links

Nice shorts, Sara Sampaio  (NSFW)  [  Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Ben Affleck  and Jennifer Garner had a totally fine date night  [  The Superficial   ]

Making A Murderer Steven Avery is engaged to a chick he met once   [  Dlisted  ]

Malin Akerman naked in Easy (NSFW)  [  DrunkenStepfather   ]

Claudia Galanti topless at the beach  (NSFW)  [  The Nip Slip   ]

Hey’s it’s Katharine McPhee in a bikini  [  Popoholic   ]

Jim Carrey says he didn’t give STDs to his dead girlfriend  [  The Blemish  ]

Adriana Lima will get all these cougars fit   [  Hollywood Tuna   ]

Zoey Deutch has your attention now  [  Moe Jackson   ]

More Sara Underwood   [  IDLY  ]

Not sure what this about either tbh:

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Sara Underwood Is Naked Again & Links

Lady Gaga should cover those  (NSFW)  [  Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Sarah Hyland should also cover those  [  DrunkenStepfather   ]

Drake wants to put a half-Canadian in Rihanna  [  Dlisted  ]

Maya Stepper. Goddamn.    [  Hollywood Tuna   ]

Joanna Krupa naked in Treats  (NSFW)  [  The Nip Slip  ]

Jessica Simpson almost made America less great   [  The Superficial  ]

Victoria Silvstedt is still living the high-paid escort dream    [  Moe Jackson   ] 

Leonardo DiCaprio pranked the shit out of Jonah Hill   [  The Blemish  ]

Kate Beckinsale‘s ass in skin tight leather  [  Popoholic   ]

The craziest relationship age gaps  [  Mandatory  ]

Remember when Sara Underwood got topless as hell on Snapchat? Good times. 

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Sara Underwood Got Topless As Hell On Snapchat For Everybody

I really don’t want to speak on Sara Underwood‘s financial situation, but her Instagram is mostly a front for nutritional supplements now. She took over Yandy’s Snapchat where she agreed to be halfway in a see through maid outfit/lingerie in what appears to be a camper in the woods. Nothing good ever happens when a naked white girl is in the woods. This is an Eli Rother movie, not an effective lingerie campaign.

(NSFW obvs)


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Sara Underwood Isn’t Guns & Links

I’d frame these Kendall Jenner pics (NSFW)   [  Taxi Driver Movie   ]

Photo Boy requests that you #staywoke  [  The Superficial   ]

Will Smith finally admits what we all knew  [  Dlisted  ]

Elle Fanning did V Magazine  [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Ok, so this is Amanda Seyfried‘s vagina  (NSFW) [  DrunkenStepfather   ]

Justin Theroux’s ex’s mom said he’s a liar living in “darkness”  [  Cele|bitchy 

I’d also frame these Kylie Jenner pics  [   The Nip Slip   ]

Mila Kunis is pregnant everywhere  [  Popoholic  ]

Anybody down for a Lea Michele beach shoot?  [  Moe Jackson  ]

Instant classic: Sara Underwood‘s In My Place shoot [  IDLY  ]

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Here’s Salma Hayek And Susan Sarandon Comparing Boobs & Links

Salma: “Susan, you are bigger than me!” Susan Sarandon: “Of course I am…” #cannes #friends #susansarandon

A photo posted by Salma Hayek Pinault (@salmahayek) on

Leonardo DiCaprio was seen at a club with a model he banged previously  [  Dlisted   ]

Chantelle Connelly got a nipple ring  (NSFW)   [  Taxi Driver Movie   ]

Neon Demon has Jena Malone topless  (NSFW)  [  The Nip Slip  ]

Gillian Anderson made a joke, the Internet butthurt avalanche ensued  [  The Superficial   ]

Hailee Steinfeld has great legs  [  Popoholic  ]

Kate Beckinsale is still MILF Supreme  [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Ashley Graham is too big for this swimsuit  (NSFW)   [  DrunkenStepfather   ]

Bar Refaeli is super pregnant  [ Moe Jackson  ]

Jennifer Aniston’s mom died  [ Cele|bitchy ]

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Sara Underwood Posted These & Links

Hey, it’s Miley Cyrus‘ nipple  (NSFW)   [  Taxi Driver Movie   ]

Hillary Clinton has always supported Christina Aguilera‘s boobs  [  The Superficial   ]

Charli XCX was pretty excited at Cannes  [  DrunkenStepfather   ]

Mischa Barton went see through to Cannes (NSFW)  [  The Nip Slip  ]

Maria Menounos’ butt > your butt  [  Popoholic  ]

Good lawd, Adriana Lima  [  Moe Jackson  ]

Kristen Stewart got booed out of Cannes  [  Dlisted   ]

Genevieve Morton topless at the beach  [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

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Sara Underwood Posted This Video & Links

It’s Kendall Jenner‘s nipple ring again  [  Taxi Driver Movie   ]

Aaron Carter loves Trump again  [  The Superficial   ]

Sophie Monk is topless   [  The Nip Slip  ]

Jessica Biel walked down the street in this   [  Popoholic  ]

Joanna Krupa works a bikini   [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

More Ariel Winter in a bikini    [  DrunkenStepfather   ]

A reboot of  The Mummy is happening….with Tom Cruise    [  Dlisted   ]

Taylor Swift in these shoes  [  Moe Jackson  ]

Jennifer Lawrence says she lonely on the weekends  [  The Blemish   ]

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Sara Underwood Is Topless & Links

Bella Hadid is see through   ( NSFW site )   [  Taxi Driver Movie   ]

Baywatch is just Kelly Rohrbach‘s crotch  ( NSFW site )   [  The Nip Slip   ]

Macklemore owns this painting (NSFW)  [   The Superficial   ]

Kate Upton is still trying to be a model  [  DrunkenStepfather   ]

Anne Hathaway is super pregnant  [   Popoholic   ]

Victoria Justice needs to step her game up   [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Sally Field is a savage   [  Dlisted   ]

Bradley Cooper isn’t stupid   [  Moe Jackson   ]

Amanda Li Paige is your model at midnight  [  Celebslam  ]

More Sara Underwood in this photoshoot  [  IDLYITW  ]

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Sara Underwood In This Bikini & Links

The audio of Kanye West‘s SNL meltdown is caps lock come to life    [  Dlisted   ]

Haile Steinfeld and her nipple don’t look drunk at all   ( NSFW )   [  Taxi Driver Movie   ]

Hilary Clinton has sealed up the Democratic nomination   [   The Superficial   ]

This is a Kim Kardashian “beauty secret”  [  DrunkenStepfather   ]

Here’s Hailey Clauson pretty much naked   ( NSFW )   [  The Nip Slip   ]

Whoever this is I want to put her on my lap   [  Reality Tea  ]

Blake Lively is busting out everywhere   [  Popoholic  ]

Kaley Cuoco pretty much likes whatever D is around   [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

#TBT Sara Underwood did Me In My Place


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Let’s Get Caught Up On Instagram

A photo posted by Demi Rose (@demirosemawby) on

I made you read a lot today about stuff you can challenge with a meme on Facebook later and I also made you look at Khloe Kardashian. My apologies. So here’s some of your favorite Instagram chicks and their Instagram goings on. Well, that’s not true exactly. They’re actually my favorites and I post them. See how that works on here? Not gonna lie, it’s pretty great. 

Katie May wasn’t included because, well, she died.

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