Sara Sampaio & Slick Woods Are Your 2017 LOVE Advent Calendar
Sara Sampaio & Slick Woods Are Your 2017 LOVE Advent Calendar


It’s a weekday in December, so that means another 2017 LOVE Advent calendar video until 2018 gets here. I think everyone will be happy when 2018 gets here. But we were also excited for 2017 to get here, so what the hell do we know? We’re dumb. 2018 will probably be apocalyptic hellscape or humans will just evolve by losing the ability to speak or type so we nobody offends anyone. Or even worse, Mike Pence become President. Or John Oliver is accused of sexual harassment. We just don’t know. Wow, went off on a tangent there. Here’s Sara Sampaio doing her version of karate in this video. If you don’t know who Sara Sampaio is, that’s understandable. They’ve been trying to make her happen for like 5 years now. Maybe she should give up.



Here’s a video of Slick Woods. I don’t know who that is. Based on her teeth, I assume she’s British.



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Sara Sampaio Says Good Morning, Links

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Sara Sampaio Is SI Swimsuit’s Rookie Of The Year
Sara Sampaio Is SI Swimsuit’s Rookie Of The Year


The Sports Ilustrated Swimsuit Issue announced their 2014 Rookie Of The Year, and to no real surprise, it's Sara Sampaio. I mean, it had to be a pretty easy choice. Brunette, fantastic ass, nice rack, DEM EYES, and I assume she can speak in complete sentences with a semblance of coherency (not a dealbreaker). But most importantly, it's not Kate Upton. I think I saw Kate Upton in a Cash 4 Gold commercial last night. Go take a break, Kate. Sara has us covered.


Sara Sampaio

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