Samuel L. Jackson Continues To Be The Greatest Living Human


What's the best way to start your Wednesday besides having morning sex? Listening to Samuel L. Jackson perform a slam poetry reading about Boy Meets World, of course. Play it while you're having sex. Best of both worlds, man.

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Django Unchained Has A New Trailer

Quentin Tarantino‘s new Slaves Gone Wild movie, Django Unchained has a new trailer, and I really don’t think I’ve been this excited to see a movie. Besides The Dark Knight and the James Bond remake I made with my cat, this will be one of the best movies ever made.

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The Avengers Trailer Is Out

The official trailer for The Avengers was released today. They play Nine Inch Nails over it, so you know they mean business. Or there’s a possible scene where somebody cuts themselves to feel then cries in the shower. Who’s to say, really?

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The Avengers Teaser Trailer Is Out

The first teaser trailer for The Avengers is online now, so if you’re a fan of Samuel L. Jackson’s voice and slowly spinning computer graphics, I’m not gonna lie, this might blow your mind.

Vid source: ComicBookMovie

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Samuel L. Jackson Just Got Paid

Samuel L. Jackson, who had a 31 second cameo as S.H.I.E.L.D agent, Nick Fury, in last year’s Iron Man, has just signed an unprecedented nine-picture deal with Marvel Studios to reprise the role. God…wait for it…damn. The Hollywood Reporter says:

The movies include “Iron Man 2,” “Thor,” “Captain America,” “The Avengers” and its sequels. Also on the table is the possibility of toplining a “S.H.I.E.L.D.” movie, which is in development. The actor, repped by ICM and Anonymous Content, made a surprise appearance as Fury at the end of the first “Iron Man,” throwing geeks into a tizzy and showing the first glimpse of Marvel’s plan to link all their slate of movies into one filmic universe.

Holy crap. Lindsay Lohan can’t get a job with the dude in commercials yet Samuel L. Jackson can sign a NINE picture deal. Hollywood may not be so bad after all. If I was Samuel L. Jackson, I don’t even know if I would make any more movies after that. However, what I do know, is that my daily planner would include scheduled times for throwing up blood and waking up on top of a pair of 18 year old twins.

Speaking of comic books, here’s Malin Akerman at the UK premiere of Watchmen:

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