Kaley Cuoco Is Single If Anybody Cares

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting started dating in July 2013 (after she dated Henry Cavill for two weeks) . They got engaged in September 2013. They got married in December 2013. Pretty solid foundation there. What could have went wrong?

“The few times Kaley and Ryan were out together recently, the tension was noticeable,” the source says. “You could tell the honeymoon phase had ended. “It seemed they were trying to work out their marriage by going on dates, but they both seemed miserable.”  Cuoco, 29, and Sweeting, 28, “mutually decided” to split after 21 months of marriage, her rep told PEOPLE exclusively on Friday…“Kaley and Ryan seem to have totally different personalities,” the source says. “Kaley is extremely focused and high-energy. She seems to always be working. On her off time, she also keeps very busy. But “over the summer, Ryan spent a lot of time at home,” the source says. “He has been struggling with injuries and barely practiced tennis. He has acted very down.”

So basically the sex was good enough where they didn’t have to spend too much time talking for the first year.  To their credit, they made it 9 months longer than I predicted. Probably out of spite. Doesn’t really change the fact that she looks like Paula Deen in a movie where they use CGI to make her look young. Man, this is boring. Can I stop? Let’s stop. It’s Monday, no need to put you through anything else.


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