Kim Kardashian Is Overpriced

Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J is currently on the market for $30 million. Pornhub disagrees. TMZ reports:

With the possibility looming that the Kim Kardashian sex tape could be shelved for good, a porn website has come forward with a plan to do the exact opposite — they want to buy the rights to the tape and put it online … for free!!! As TMZ first reported, a mystery buyer has approached Vivid Entertainment (which owns the rights to the tape) in an effort to buy it and remove it completely from the market. But now, which bills itself as the largest adult website on the planet, wants in on the action. In a letter to Vivid head man Steven Hirsch, the site says they are willing to offer $5 million for the tape … considerably less than the $30 million Hirsch is asking for. The site — which is 100% free — says they “respectfully disagree” with Hirsch’s value of the tape, stating they feel the DVD market is “dying” and online is where it’s at. No word yet on whether Hirsch would consider the offer.

Why would anyone pay five cents for this shit, let alone $5 million? If someone wants to watch Kim Kardashian have an orgasm, they can just take her picture. And if someone wants to watch someone else get pissed on a black dude, they can just ride the New York City subway.

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Ray J Is Inconvenienced

Someone wants to take Kim Kardashian’s sex tape off the market. Guess who it isn’t? TMZ reports:

Ray J thinks it’s a fabulous idea for Vivid Entertainment to sell the rights to “Kim K Superstar” … so long as he gets a big piece of the action. TMZ broke the story … an undisclosed private party has offered to buy all rights to the XXX flick from Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch — which he told TMZ is worth at least $30 million. The buyer indicated he (though we’re guessing it’s a she) wanted to take the video off the market. TMZ has obtained a letter from Ray J’s lawyer to Hirsch, in which the attorney makes it clear … Ray J has partial copyright ownership in the video and “any attempts to transfer the copyright outside of these parameters will result in filing a motion with the courts to seen an injunction of any sale until Ray J’s rights are protected.” Translation — he wants some serious cash. The letter also says the video has been a pain in the ass for Ray J: “… my client rarely has a conversation with industry professionals where the Tape has not been mentioned or questioned … no amount of money can relieve him from this nightmare.” The lawyer didn’t mention how much money Ray J has already made from the video.


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Kris Humphries Is An Ingrate

Or really, really oblivious. TMZ reports:

In fact, we’re told Kris truly had “no idea” who Ray J was when Kim’s sex tape partner sat next to the NBA star on a recent flight from L.A. to New Orleans. But after a few hours on the plane, Ray J finally approached Kris and said, “Come on, You know who I am … I just want to say congratulations.” Kris reportedly replied, “Oh yeah, yeah I know who you are.” Sources close to Humphries tell us, “Kris really didn’t know who he was” … but once Ray J reminded him, it didn’t matter to him because Kris is simply not bothered by Kim and Ray J’s previous relationship. Sources tell us, “Kris feels that Kim’s past doesn’t affect her present or future … he just doesn’t care.”

Despite his consistently (more…)

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Blame The Black Guy

Kim Kardashian got married last night, sold the photos to People, and will televise it on E! in October. In case you forgot why she was famous, look above. Oh, and read this from Radar.

Rapper Ray J is taking credit for all the worldwide interest in Kim Kardashian. The rapper who “co-starred” with Kim in an infamous sex tape, texted her a message that said just that, is exclusively reporting. “And to think you really have me to thank for all this ;-)” a source tells us Ray J texted the bride! This isn’t the first time Ray has taken credit for Kim’s success. Earlier this year, he told an interviewer he had “created” her. A graphic sex tape of the two was leaked in February, 2007, and Vivid Entertainment jumped in with plans to professionally release it. Kim filed a $5 million lawsuit against the porn company. The parties settled for an undisclosed amount.

I’m happy that Ray-J’s admitting his guilt. To be fair, he had accomplices OJ Simpson and Ryan Seacrest, but they’re both already imprisoned–one in jail, one in the closet.

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The Kardashians are Getting Sued

Sonja Norwood, mother of Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, Ray J, and singer, Brandy, is suing Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian for making unauthorized charges in excess of $100,000 on Norwood’s American Express card back in 2004. Kardashian, a stylist at the time, was given the card to make a “”one (and only one)” purchase. Um, she didn’t. TMZ reports:

According to the suit, Kim allegedly gave the card to other members of her family — Khloe, Kourtney and Robert Jr. The suit claims in 2006, the Ks racked up $62,793.83 in unauthorized charges. And, in 2007, they blew another $57,841.82. The total: $120,635.65! And get this for audacity: the suit claims the Kardashians charged thousands of dollars in their own stores, Dash and Smooch.”

Wow, Sonja Norwood seems pretty upset. Maybe somebody should point out to her that the first letter of these skank’s names spell out KKK. That should make her feel better.

The Kardashian sisters. Yes, Khloe was born a female:

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