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The company who pays me, the kick ass Crave Online, got an exclusive look at the finalists for “Biggest Baddass Star” award, a new category at this year’s MTV Movie Awards. You might ask yourself, “Is Todd really shamelessly plugging this site?”. Magic 8 ball says? Signs point to yes.

MTV and Crave Online are proud to unveil the five finalists for the new “Biggest Badass Star” award. The nominees are:

Angelina Jolie
Channing Tatum
Sam Worthington
Chris Pine

Who will take home the coveted Golden Popcorn? Will it be Rain, the musician turned ? Or Angelina Jolie, who continues to be “Wanted” in “Salt”? Or perhaps it will be Channing Tatum, who reported for duty in “G.I. Joe;” or “Avatar” star Sam Worthington; or Chris Pine, who delivered an out of this world performance as Captain Kirk in “Star Trek.”

I’m voting for Rain, because he once turned down Megan Fox like he obviously turns down carbs. And “Ninja Assassin” is literally means “Ninja Ninja”. Which sounds like a musical about ninjas. This is getting progressively gayer, so I’m stopping now.

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He Turned Down Megan Fox

When she’s pretending not to be in love with Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox has to travel to find somebody she really wants to fuck. Specifically, Korean star, Rain. He turned her down. Yahoo! reports:

According to media reports, Fox has spoke numerously about her admiration for Rain while on the movie promotional tour. And that was not just a comment made by Fox; she has indeed extended a dinner date to Rain through her manager but was rejected by the Korean star who was “not interested”. Yet, the rejection did not wound her pride and ironically, it has built up stronger interest of Rain in Fox who recently criticized the comparison of herself to Angelina Jolie. According to reports, Fox loves such challenges and has no plans to give up. She would continue extending her invite to Rain, hoping that he would agree to meet up someday.

Man, maybe that’s what I should do. It seems to be working for this guy. I guess cutting out that homeless guy’s heart and sending it to her on Valentine’s Day and sneaking into her house to smell her clothes wasn’t as romantic as I thought. Whatever, Megan. My grandma says it makes me a charming boy!

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