Here’s R. Kelly’s ‘Genius’


Prince and R. Kelly have been locked in an eternal battle to see which one can write the most songs about bonin', and R. Kelly added another one yesterday: "(Sex) Genius". Look, I really don't like publicly discussing my sex life, so I wish R. Kelly would have consulted me before writing a song about me without my knowledge or consent. Not cool, bro. Not cool.

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Ray J Is Inconvenienced

Someone wants to take Kim Kardashian’s sex tape off the market. Guess who it isn’t? TMZ reports:

Ray J thinks it’s a fabulous idea for Vivid Entertainment to sell the rights to “Kim K Superstar” … so long as he gets a big piece of the action. TMZ broke the story … an undisclosed private party has offered to buy all rights to the XXX flick from Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch — which he told TMZ is worth at least $30 million. The buyer indicated he (though we’re guessing it’s a she) wanted to take the video off the market. TMZ has obtained a letter from Ray J’s lawyer to Hirsch, in which the attorney makes it clear … Ray J has partial copyright ownership in the video and “any attempts to transfer the copyright outside of these parameters will result in filing a motion with the courts to seen an injunction of any sale until Ray J’s rights are protected.” Translation — he wants some serious cash. The letter also says the video has been a pain in the ass for Ray J: “… my client rarely has a conversation with industry professionals where the Tape has not been mentioned or questioned … no amount of money can relieve him from this nightmare.” The lawyer didn’t mention how much money Ray J has already made from the video.


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Drip, Drip, Drip

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Who knows if this is true or not, but rumors are everywhere today that R. Kelly’s Chicago home was raided by police to search for a 17 year old girl who may or may not have reminded R. Kelly of his Jeep. Police are denying the story. Chicago Now reports:

Rumors are rampant on Twitter this morning that R. Kelly is in trouble again and police are raiding his Olympic Fields home, apparently based on this report by So far, there does not appear to be any truth to the rumors that R. Kelly is being investigated for statutory rape of a 17-year-old girl.

Police deny a lot of things during the middle of an active investigation, so who the hell knows. It sounds possible. Like if you heard a report of John Travolta getting blown my a Latin boy in a park or Sarah Jessica Parker asking people riddles to cross a bridge, you really don’t need a lot of convincing to believe it’s true. But I can’t really think about it right now, because this DJ is making me feel thugged out. Baby, tell me what u drinkin and I got u.

Note: The age of consent in Illinois is 17. So there you go.

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R. Kelly is Not Guilty

Wow, what surprise. TMZ reports:

A jury has found R. Kelly not guilty! A jury acquitted the singer of all fourteen counts of child pornography. The “Bump and Grind” singer was first charged six years ago after the kinky sex tape surfaced allegedly featuring him having sex — among other things — with a girl who was as young as 13 at the time.”

Just so we’re clear, if you’re a celebrity and you want to cut off the head of your wife and stab her friend to death or piss on a 13-year old girl and fuck her on videotape, go for it. Hey man, no worries! Live life to the fullest!

Update: The morons who didn’t convict Kelly blame the victim for her lack of participation in the trial.

After the trial was over, jurors spoke to the press about their decision, explaining that though they thought Kelly was on the tape, they were unsure of the girl’s identity. “We were uncertain as to the female, and the absence of her was a major lack in the case,” juror #23 said.”

Source: MTV

I want to piss on you:

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