Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are Talking

Friends of Kate Hudson are fearful the actress will get back with Owen Wilson after the pair were spotted together in Miami this week. Hudson was there to attend the Miami Film Festival, Wilson is in town shooting a movie with Jennifer Aniston. OK! Magazine says:

Kate fell for Owen so hard that she risked everything and went head first into love with him,” a friend of the actress tells OK!. “But even during the year they were together, it was a roller coaster. I hope what’s going on now is just temporary. “They’re both busy with movies, and hopefully Kate will have some clarity and decide to just be friends with him,” continues the friend. “I’d be very, very worried if they got back together seriously. It is ridiculous for her to think he’s all better in eight months.”

It’s amazing how Owen Wilson has regained control of his life and is now on a quest to rekindle the romance with his true love. It’s such a heartwarming tale. How can Kate Hudson resist? I always thought rose petals on the bed and diamonds on layaway were the way to win back a girl’s heart. Turns out, slitting your wrists works pretty well, too.

Goldie Hudson in Miami Beach:

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Jessica Simpson is Single. AGAIN.

Hey, remember all those stories about Owen Wilson dating Jessica Simpson? You don’t? That’s cool, because apparently neither does Owen Wilson. He’s been dating a model named “Le Call” for the past few weeks. People reports:

The mystery woman seen around New York with Owen Wilson has now been identified: She is model Le Call. “She is dating him,” an insider tells People….But, a source close to the couple said on Monday, “Le Call is totally overwhelmed by all of this attention. She isn’t used to it. So they will be leaving town tomorrow to escape – and traveling a great distance.”

Ridiculously stupid and presumptuous names aside, this is generally what I’d expect from Owen Wilson. He’s notorious for being constantly wrist deep in models and Playmates, not a Jessica Simpson. Jessica looks like a cartoon villain with DDs. I’m just hoping this news sends Jessica into a tailspin of depression and self-doubt, so she’ll just get naked and go away. That’s really all she has to offer. Because, at this point, her career is like a baby trapped in a hot car.

Some pictures of “Le Call“:


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Jessica Simpson Might Be Dating Owen Wilson

Star magazine is reporting that Jessica Simpson and Owen Wilson were seen on a date in Los Angeles recently. The pair reportedly hit it off after meeting in Austin on October 16th while working on a Willie Nelson video:

The two dined Sunday at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica before retiring to his Malibu home. “He couldn’t keep his hands off her,” a witness told the mag.”

Instead of picturing Jessica Simpson’s career, picture a dolphin trapped in a fishing net, and you’ll get a clearer understanding as to why these two are “dating.” Because open any magazine, and you’ll find that Jessica Simpson is supposed to be some kind of Hollywood sex symbol. Too bad she can’t keep a man for longer than five minutes. Enter Owen Wilson. Nice one, Papa Joe. Way to think ahead. Compared to slitting his wrists and swallowing a bottle of pills like a girl, the thought of getting caught massaging Jessica Simpson’s prostate really won’t register that high on Owen Wilson’s embarrassment scale.

Jessica on October 25th:


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Owen Wilson is Pretty Screwed Up

Sources close to Owen Wilson say the actor struggled with heroin and cocaine addiction and severe depression that only worsened after his relationship with Kate Hudson ended. Three days before is suicide attempt, Wilson went to a neighborhood church “out of either devotion or desperation” only to hit rock bottom last Sunday. A family friend said:

We always thought he was just too fun-loving, but now it’s obvious he was just dealing with way too much to handle.”

Meanwhile, Courtney Love, a close friend of Wilson’s, blames British comedian and drug addict, Steve Coogan, for accelerating Wilson’s downward spiral. Coogan and Wilson first met on the set of Night at the Museum and they are now currently filming Tropic Thunder.

Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t comment but I care too much about Owen. I went through it with Steve…I tried to warn Owen. I tried to warn his friends.”

Wow, this story is getting depressing really fast. I mean, Kate Hudson is cute, but she can’t be worth all this. Unless we find out her vagina shoots gold coins or NFL locks of the week, I’m going to be real disappointed.

These probably won’t help:

Image thanks to People


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Owen Wilson Wants Attention

It is now believed that after seeing pictures of Hudson and Dax Shepard kissing in a Los Angeles grocery store, Owen Wilson freaked out and tried to kill himself. The Daily Mail says:

His former lover Kate Hudson was caught affectionately kissing and cuddling her new boyfriend Dax Shepard, also a comedian, during an outing in Los Angeles. Now many in Hollywood are speculating that it was the sight of these photographs that tipped Wilson, one of Hollywood’s brightest young stars, over the edge. Friends have said that he had been deeply upset since splitting with the actress, the daughter of Goldie Hawn, shortly before Christmas last year. The couple, who met while filming You, Me And Dupree, had a six-month fling that ended Hudson’s marriage to actor Chris Robinson. Wilson ended the relationship with Miss Hudson but friends said he had been regretting the decision since she began dating Shephard, also a comedian. Wilson has not been seen with a new love since the split but has been a regular at parties at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion.”

Poor fella. How awful it must have been for him to have seen these pictures then have to go back to his miserable life of being knuckle deep in Playboy Playmates every night. Man, life just isn’t fair sometimes.

Note: Please keep in mind that the cuts on Wilson’s wrist were superficial and he was released from the hospital the same day. He didn’t want to kill himself, he wanted attention. Kate Hudson reportedly left the set of her new movie in tears to go be with him. Man, what a smooth operator that Owen Wilson is.

Update: (Los Angeles – August 28, 2007) – “EXTRA” has obtained the Calls For Service report from the Santa Monica Police Department, which lists the reason for the 911 call from Owen Wilson’s house as an “attempted suicide.” The call was received on Sunday, August 26 at 12:08:16pm. The incident was “cleared” almost five hours later at 5:07:16pm. Source

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Owen Wilson Tried to Kill Himself

Paramedics rushed Owen Wilson to the St. John’s Health Center yesterday after his brother, Andrew Wilson, found him near-comatose from an overdose of pills, with superficial cuts to both wrists in what is believed to be a suicide attempt. OK! reports:

OK! can confirm that a 911 call was placed from Owen’s home at 11:59 AM. Paramedics then alerted the Santa Monica Police Department. “Officers from the Santa Monica Police Department responded at 12:10 PM,” Watch Commander Sgt. Steiner tells OK!, adding that “a person was transported from the 900 block of 23rd St. to a local hospital.” Wilson lives on that block, which, coincidentally, is walking distance to St. John’s Health Center, where Wilson was initially taken. By 4:15 PM, Wilson had been stabilized and was transferred by ambulance to the bigger Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, 20 minutes away. A neighbor of Owen tells OK! that he’d seemed well recently and had just returned from a family trip to Colorado, but was also “up and down a lot” lately.”

Man, I’ve completely lost all respect for Owen Wilson. Nobody likes a quitter, so if he’s committed to suicide he should take a little more pride in his work. He’ll never get anywhere with this attitude.

Owen went for a swim a few months ago:

Update: (Los Angeles – August 27, 2007) – “EXTRA” spoke with the publicist for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles who confirms that Owen Wilson was brought in last night and that he is in “good condition.” Source

Update II: Owen Wilson gave the following statement to TMZ which doesn’t deny the suicide attempt: “I respectfully ask that the media allow me to receive care and heal in private during this difficult time.Source

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