Norman Reedus Doesn’t Care If Daryl Dixon Is Gay

Rednecks and Christians who watch a show about the dead coming back to life and eating people while the people who don’t get eaten murder other people who don’t get eaten got all butthurt, because adding homosexuality to that type of show would just be gross and immoral. Specifically, making the redneck racist with the heart of gold sexually ambiguous and possibly gay would completely ruin the ratings of a show that had 17.3M viewers watch its season five premiere. These people are pretty dumb. Like this “report”.

Norman Reedus really doesn’t want his popular The Walking Dead character, Daryl Dixon, to turn out to be gay. Insiders say he fears the same-sex shocker would hurt ratings by disappointing his legions of female fans. Norman isn’t anti-gay in his personal life, but he’s become one of the biggest male sex symbols in television. He gets thousands of fan letters from women each week – along with dozens of marriage proposals.”

Norman Reedus’ response:


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A Fan Gave Norman Reedus A Breast Implant


The Walking Dead kinda sucks this season because pigs and about once every episode I'm like, "Who is this person?". Also, Carol. Great job on the water, idiot. But no amount of bad writing can keep Daryl from being badass, so that's why he was on Conan instead of Carol. That's where he told a story about a fan who sent him her breast implant that he now uses as a phone cradle. No, I didn't just put a bunch of random words in a sentence. A woman sent Norman Reedus a breast implant and he uses it to hold his phone. Have a good Friday, everyone.

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