The 2015 Teen Choice Awards Were Last Night

Teens voted for stuff and whatever they voted for won an award at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards last night. Furious 7 and The Big Bang Theory won awards, so that’s pretty much all you need to know abut the results of a process that allows teenagers to vote. Here’s the pics anyway. Charlotte McKinney was there. Bella Thorne was there. Of course, Wilmer Valderrama was there, because the scent of a freshly dropped first egg is too powerful for him to resist. Nina Dobrev was also there. I only mention her because I saw her once in a Starbucks on Ponce in Atlanta about four months ago. She was in workout clothes and looked like she weighed about 75 pounds. She drove off in a white Mercedes. That’s my Nina Dobrev story. Hope you enjoyed it. The majority of this gallery is Britney Spears, because just look at her face. She might as well be a recently adopted shelter dog or an 8-month old. She’s just happy to be here. She has no idea where she is. You could have told her she was at a screening of Straight Outta Compton on Mars and she would have just nodded and asked if martians have surfboards.

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Nina Dobrev Really Wants You To Get Health Insurance
Nina Dobrev Really Wants You To Get Health Insurance


There's been a lot of debate about the Affordable Care Act recently, but I prefer to listen to hot chicks who take off their tops than old white dudes who hate vaginas. Take it away, Nina Dovbrev with this picture you posted on Instagram:

"Im Canadian. We have healthcare for all. If you dont have insurance go and #GetCovered, because w/o it, youre naked."

People on Facebook tell me that Obamacare will strip away my freedoms and turn America into a socialist utopia guarded by Ilumunati globalist cyborgs created by Obama in a secret lab from the DNA of Stalin that he keeps in the vial around his neck. They also told me yesterday that mentally ill woman driving around Washington yesterday then being shot was just another insidious plot by our tyrannical government to take away our guns and Bibles and force us to watch Bravo. I agree, because nothing says a malicious dictator more than passing a law to give poor people health insurance. I'm not a license physician, but I think a pot brownie with the actual definition of socialism written on it would help a lot of people.


Pic source = Instagram


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Nina Dobrev Is Single

Apparently The Vampire Diaries is a show that exists because ladies be lovin' to romaticize a good necrophilia fetish. Anyway, two people in that show, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder,  (seen above at Coachella), have broken up after dating for three years. Aren't you glad I'm here to let ypu know about such things? You are. You don't have to thank me. It's my passion. Us Weekly reports:

The couple, who first took their romance public in 2011, are "consummate professionals," the insider says, and "will continue to work together and remain best friends, which is where the relationship started." Last fall, Dobrev opened up to Seventeen magazine about falling for Somerhalder. "I didn't want to be dating one of my costars — my goal on the show was to be professional," she admitted. "But sometimes you can't help who you have a connection with, and you can only fight it for so long — which I did for a really, really long time."

Nina Dobrev is cute/hot and Ian Somerhalder is somehow prettier than her, so this was probably doomed from the beginning. Also, all his Twitter is him hugging cats and talking about how we shouldn't kill seals and dolphins and lemurs or whatever, so he probably talked about that all the time when she was trying to have sex and that probably got really annoying. Look dude, do you want to blowjob or show me this link about rescue puppies?

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