Iggy Azalea Will Cut Off Nick Young’s Dick
Iggy Azalea Will Cut Off Nick Young’s Dick

You can tell that Iggy Azalea is a legit rapper because she has Scarface on her shirt, but what you may not know is that she’s insane. Apparently she’s forgiven Nick Young over this, but if he cheats again she’s gonna cut off his dick. She said it on “Orlando & The Freakshow” radio show on Wild 94.1 I’m sure all his friends and teammates haven’t mentioned or joked about this yet. Pretty sure of that. Men would never do that.

“No, I’m not cool with it. Like, you will have half a penis. I already said ‘One more video, just one more thing, and you will lose a quarter of your meat.’ That’s why he got to slide this time. Just let me get some real evidence, and you’re gonna lose half an inch.

I expect this marriage to last a long time, because every man loves the threat of the woman he shares a place with cutting off his dick. We love it! Can’t get enough. I bet they’re super happy and the house is always full of interesting and meaningful conversation. There’s no way he looks or talks to other chicks now. He has one who will cut off his dick! Can’t get much better than that when it comes to love.

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Iggy Azalea Is Engaged

Nick Young helped the Lakers lose 61 out of 82 games this year and Iggy Azalea just canceled her world tour because people would rather buy a ticket to a public beheading, so I guess these two needed some good news. So they got engaged. Congrats to Iggy Azalea for finally being legally associated with something that’s black.

Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young proposed to rapper Iggy Azalea on his birthday with a 10.43 carat Jason of Beverly Hills engagement ring valued at $500,000. The bride-to-be’s ring features an 8.15-carat fancy intense yellow cushion cut center stone with 2.28 carats of white diamonds set onto 18-karat white gold….Azalea loves the look of her ring. In fact, the musician shared three pictures of her new jewelry on Instagram overnight. “Happiest Day #Isaidyes,” the “Pretty Girls” rapper, 24, wrote in one photo caption.

I think the only person who would want to marry Iggy Azalea is someone who asks people to call him Swaggy P, but I’ve spent too long caring about this story, because more important things have happened this week. Here’s a list.

1. My girlfriend’s bikinis finally shipped

2. Caitlyn Jenner

3. Domino’s Pizza changed their name to just Domino’s.

4. Our complex pressured washed all our condos with bleach

5. S3 of Hannibal starts Thursday

6 – 1,000. ?

1,001: Iggy Azalea got engaged


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