Re-Create The Greatest Kiss, Go To Vegas

If you’re having trouble convincing your significant other to let you film your…um…private acts, maybe we have a lead in for you.

NetFlix is having a contest to see who can best re-create famous kisses from film. They’ve set up a YouTube page and everything.

The best part is that it’s vote-based, so if you’re popular and attractive, you can get your friends to watch you make out with someone, and that making out might get you two free trips. The top three videos win trip to New York where the participants will kiss on stage. The winning couple gets flown to Las Vegas for some sort of getaway (we’re guessing “romantic’).

You can check out the official site here, or the YouTube page here, but they all suck thus far, so get kissing. (more…)

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Neve Campbell is Naked

In what is sure to be the biggest news of 1996, Party of Five and Scream actress, Neve Campbell, appears completely nude in her new(ish) movie, I Really Hate My Job. This movie was apparently released everywhere except the United States last year, but the pictures just hit online this week. I don’t even know why I’m telling you all this because I could post topless pictures of a frontier settler and you’d still want to look at them. Jesus, you can be such a pervert sometimes.

Note: NSFW versions of the banner pictures here and here.

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