The Bodyguards Obviously Noticed Someone Hotter Than Naomi Watts, Links

The Taliban really want to kill Prince Harry [The Superficial]
Hilary Duff tries to distract from her thighs with silly glasses [Popoholic]
Kendall Jenner will be the biggest fame whore of them all [Hollywood Tuna]
The best way to warn everyone about your crazy ex [MyEX]
Rihanna‘s new tattoo is ridiculous (NSFW site) [Taxi Driver Movie]
Colin Firth is 52 [Dlisted]
Beyonce wants you to think she changes her kid’s diapers [Celebuzz]
Johnny Depp is trying really hard not to be hot [Celebitchy]
This is why you shouldn’t go around slashing tires [COED Magazine]
The 2012 Zombie Olympics [College Humor]
30 of the worst product names ever [The Chive]
You should be attending more fashion shows [Moe Jackson]
This is Jessica Simpson‘s huge weight loss [Celebslam]
In case you missed it before, here is Jon Hamm‘s penis [The Blemish]
Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence might not hate each other [Evil Beet Gossip]
David Beckham makes cute babies [Amy Gindhouse]
Amy Poehler shows Will Arnett what he’s missing [Cityrag]
The Paralympians had to suffer through Coldplay [Popcrush]
The Master is going to be a great movie [Film Drunk]
Holly Madison is in a bikini, pregnant [Too Fab]
Miley Cyrus is a hot mess [Allie Is Wired]
Fast & Furious 6 is really happening [Coming Soon]
Hollywood is running out of superhero franchises to exploit [Superhero Hype]

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This Is Naomi Watts As Princess Diana

So here’s Noami Watts as Princess Diana on the set of Caught In Flight, and I’m not sure of the special effects budget, but good luck on trying to get Naomi Watts to look as hot as the actual Princess Diana. And despite being gorgeous and wealthy, she was one of the most beautiful human beings to ever walk the Earth. But then, you know, she was murdered by the bitch Queen for dating a sand nigger after she brought beauty to a bloodline of inbred mongoloids. The Royal Family is basically The Hills Have Eyes with a bunch of diamonds they stole from Africa. And Kate Middleton is Prince William’s cousin and his wife. As soon as she has a few kids, expect her to die in a tragic “accident” shortly after that. I guess fuck the Royal Family is what I’m trying to say.

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Lindsay Isn’t Gonna Like This

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The voices in Lindsay Lohan’s head have always told her that she’s the second coming of Marilyn Monroe. She has a dumb Monroe quote tattooed on her wrist, she tried to cast herself in a remake of Some Like It Hot, and she even got naked to show people the resemblance that wasn’t there. Long story short, Naomi Watts has been cast as Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming Marilyn biopic, Blonde. Daily Mail

The red painted pout, bleached blonde waves and come hither eyes are all there. But there’s one thing Naomi Watts lacks when it comes to impersonating Marilyn Monroe – her curves. The 41-year-old is set to play Marilyn in a new film about her life, titled simply Blonde. Naomi, a mother-of-two, dressed in a white pleated blouse with a plunging neckline as she impersonated Marilyn. The movie is based on the ‘imagined memoir’ of the same name by bestselling U.S. author Joyce Carol Oates. Filming begins in January, it was announced yesterday at the Cannes Festival. Blonde caused a sensation when it was published in 2000, as it featured detailed sex scenes, including an encounter with a casting director. Another scene saw Marilyn performing a sexual act on ‘the president’ – President John F Kennedy – while he spoke on the phone to Fidel Castro. The film will trace Marilyn’s journey from the child Norma Jeane to the worldwide sex symbol, and her tragic death aged 36 in 1962.

A wooden Indian in a blonde wig looks more like Marilyn Monroe than Naomi Watts does, but at least she’s better than Lindsay. There’s only two I can think of who would make a better Marilyn, but one has to be dug up and sent to acting classes, and the other one needs emergency surgery to correct whatever is going on with her cup size. Somebody mentioned Christina Hendricks, but I don’t think Some Like It Hot was about pizza.

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Naked, Watermarked Naomi Watts

Hey look, it’s a picture of Naomi Watts that has so many watermarks it’s obscene. That’s because Perez Hilton broke these photographs, and after crawling the internets for awhile, I can’t seem to find them without those horrible tags place right near the parts you want to see.

So, finally, I had to cave to a Perez Hilton link. If you want to see naked Naomi Watts on a balcony CLICK HERE.

Boo, post Valentine’s Day hangover. Because my girlfriend’s name is Maker’s Mark and I went down on her for hours.

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Our Links Run Faster Than Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen is either Spiderwoman or she’s begun to make her own viral videos. Maybe something with nudity next? [TheHollywoodGossip]

Naomi Watts seems to have survived her birthing and managed to fart out another child without murdering her good looks. [Lainey Gossip]

Nicole Kidman‘s camel-toe area is apparently the one part of her that isn’t botoxed. [TaxiDriverMovie]

On average, teens send 14,528 texts per month. [I’mNotObsesed]

Kim Kardashian‘s nipple tries to use her distracting ass to hide the fact that it can see you. [CityRag]

Aubrey O’Day will be in Playboy, because otherwise you’ll forget about her completely. [PinkIsTheNewBlog]

Today’s busted-ass celebrity of the day is Sarah Jessica Parker hosting “Betrayed” at (more…)

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Heath Ledger Did Drugs With Naomi Campbell

Although no drugs were found in Heath Ledger’s apartment at the time of his death, Naomi Campbell’s former personal assistant, Rebecca White, says Ledger routinely went on cocaine and ecstasy binges with Campbell. The Sun reports:

When I was working for Naomi I saw Heath do drugs a few times. He was new on the scene but everybody was hailing him as the new It Boy actor. “We had been hanging in Naomi’s bungalow at the BelAir Hotel. Heath asked Naomi if she had any cocaine – I used to carry it around for her – and I remember giving him the packet and he went off, back and forth throughout the night.” Rebecca said she bought Ledger cocaine a few days later. “Each time I got an eight ball – four-and-a-half grams. The second time he came up all three of us spent a night doing coke in her bungalow. It was quite decadent. We were there for five or six hours.” She also saw Ledger’s wild side at parties hosted by P.DIDDY, who now calls himself SEAN JOHN after his clothing line, though the rapper is well known for his aversion to drugs. She said: “We all went to Paris for another fashion party a couple of weeks later. We went to one of Puffy’s (Diddy) parties at this club. There was coke and a big bag of ecstasy pills. Naomi gave Heath a handful of these little blue pills and I remember him putting them all in his mouth at once and swigging a bottle of Cristal Champagne.”

Supermodels? Wild parties? Cristal? Ecstasy? I wish somebody could point out the part of this story that’s supposed to be tragic, because it sounds like the only way this night could have gotten any better is if Heath was bitten by a radioactive spider.

Here’s Naomi Watts because Heath dated her, she’s hotter than Naomi Campbell, and she’s wearing a see-through shirt (NSFW):

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Naomi Watts is Married

Naomi Watts and her boyfriend of two years, actor Liev Schreiber, were secretly married in a small private ceremony in New York last week. The couple, who are expecting their first child in August, are planning to throw a more traditional wedding some time next year. A source says:

Both Naomi and Liev are intensely private people and wanted a very private, personal wedding. They decided relatively recently that they wanted to be married before the birth, in keeping with their traditional, family-centred backgrounds. Nothing’s been confirmed, but they’ve discussed the possibility of having a far more lavish do in the wintertime, or even early next year, where everyone can let their hair down and toast their nuptials in style.”

Well, congratulations I guess. Naomi Watts is a hot Oscar nominated actress (she killed in 21 Grams), so I guess Liev Schrieber had no choice but to close this deal pretty quick. In related news, Liev is fourth in line to play the guy who lost another loan to DiTech. Congrats, Liev!


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