Miss Delaware Teen USA Got A $250K Porn Offer

In case you missed it yesterday, Melissa King, Miss Delaware Teen USA, made a porn three months after she turned 18 because she needed money. (you can see the VERY NSFW video HERE). Apparently whoring yourself for money is somehow different from whoring yourself for money and a crown, so she was forced to resign after winning the title in November. She know has an offer to make more money than she would have by pawning the crown. TMZ reports:

She might have lost her crown … but former Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King has just been offered a pretty sweet back-up plan … $250,000 to promote a hardcore porn site….porn giant YouPorn.com wants to compensate her for the unfortunate situation — offering to crown King the first ever “Miss YouPorn” and pay her $250,000 to tour the world promoting the website. Funny enough, YouPorn’s offer — which was submitted to King yesterday — doesn’t mention having sex on camera in exchange for the fee. Not a bad deal.

To research this story, I watched the video three times then I got sleepy before I had a chance to make a sandwich. But it’s pretty clear from the video that this chick was basically waiting for this dude to finish so she could go pay off some bills. I don’t know, but Melissa King seems like the only responsible adult in this story.

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