Melissa Rycraft Is Different

Melissa Rycraft was a little piece of ass on The Bachelor and the hottest one on that one dance show, but she was in Vegas last week and….ummm….uhhhh….what the hell happened? Her stomach is sick, but her tits look like birthday balloons five days after the party. And thanks for smiling sweetie, but could you chill a little bit with the teeth? I don’t know if I should ask for a blowjob or help with building a dam.

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The Bachelor is a Jackass

The second part of The Bachelor: After The Final Rose aired last night, and through the magic of television, it is now 6 weeks after this happened. This time, the chick Mesnick originally dumped, Molly Malaney, is on stage, pretending that she just wasn’t tossed aside like a Thai hooker getting thrown into ditch only 12 weeks ago. And Thai hookers are easily tossed aside. As the prosecutors in my case so clearly demonstrated to the jury. Because they’re so light, you see.

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The Bachelor is Smooth

Last night, the 13th season finale of The Bachelor aired, and as expected, Jason Mesnick, the single dad from Seattle, proposed to Melissa Rycraft, the painfully adorable and little POA former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader instead of Molly. Immediately after the show, The Bachelor: After The Final Rose, flashed forward six weeks later. I hate to give away the surprise, but be prepared to swept away in romance!

Be sure to check out part 2. When Melissa says, “Don’t call me. Don’t text me. Leave me alone”, I thought the candles and filtered lighting just added to the sense of romance and wonder.

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