Ok Then, McKayla Maroney
Ok Then, McKayla Maroney


Remember when McKayla Maroney was a U.S. gymnast and won a medal (I think) and posed for pictures with Obama? It was a simpler time. Now she just spends her time posting her ass on Instagram. Like this. I’m totally ok with this. We should all be fine with this during these dark times. I’d put hot sauce on this.


another world premiere

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Not So Fast, McKayla Maroney

Ok, so TigerBeat is still a thing, and McKayla Maroney attended their teen choice awards thing or whatever. So obviously she doesn’t look the same as she does on her Instagram as she does in harsh lighting and several purchased filters, but…


…harsh lighting can be easily turned off.

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ICYMI: Will Ferrell came back to SNL as George W. Bush:

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McKayla Maroney Is Underage In Those Pics Ya’ll Are Looking At
McKayla Maroney Is Underage In Those Pics Ya’ll Are Looking At

Yeah, anybody who possessed the power of critical thinking would have kept on scrolling when they saw McKayla Maroney’s name.

TMZ has learned one of Maroney’s attorneys fired off a letter to Porn.com … informing the site that McKayla was underage in several of the photos. The letter demands the images of McKayla — who turned 18 last December — be taken down immediately. Another attorney for the gymnast sent a different letter to multiple websites stating Maroney owns the copyright on the hacked photos. The legal claims by her attorneys are a strong indication the photos really do show McKayla — even though she said on Twitter they were “fake photos.” It’s also possible only portions of the images are really McKayla. The letter is not specific.

Yeah, so about those nude leaks. Good times, good times. I know this is supposed to be a T&A site despite not being a T&A site, and I realize some of you desperately want this to be a porn site, but here’s the thing: no more leaked nudes. I had the alleged Jennifer Lawrence ones up for about 10 minutes on Sunday then took them down, because in addition to her rep using pretty large words, I felt (and not for the first time) kinda douchey and really fucking creepy. Look, if in the blocking of Jennifer Lawrence’s next red carpet fall she wants a boob to fall out, I’ll post those and leave them up all weekend. But posting shit that was hacked, and more importantly, posting shit that wasn’t meant for any of us to see? Nah. At some point there has to be a clear line of demarcation when it comes to the already flimsy right to privacy of celebrities. Just because they look big on screen when you go to the movies, doesn’t mean they’re not regular-sized human being like the rest of us when you don’t see them on screen. None of us deserve to see any of these women naked. If Jessica Lowndes wants to text me a pic of her boobs, hey go for it (no, seriously go for it), but I didn’t need to see her rack that bad to hack into her iCloud. Trust me, I fully understand why this basically exploded the Internet. NAKED FAMOUS TITTIES!! I totally get it (Damn, Kate Upton. I said got-damn). And trust me again, I fully understand how much of a hypocrite I sound like right now, and that’s completely fine with me, because sometimes things you once thought were acceptable become no longer acceptable when you actually take the time to think about them. And you can outraged or whatever, but when your daughter runs for President in 30 years, somebody is gonna post a video of her fingering herself, but hopefully by then it won’t have any bearing at all on her capacity to lead, because guess what? Everybody has naked shit out there.  So stop sounding like the dude in high school who calls the chick who wouldn’t sleep with him a slut. We’ll all be better off.


Also, this whole thing has sparked the usual debate of “Why aren’t male celebrities being hacked???!!!”. Well, that answer is fairly simple. Only a small subset of the population wants to see a swinging dick. Straight women and gay dudes. And if it’s a straight woman, it better not be unsolicited. You know who wants to see boobs? Everybody. Everybody wants to see boobs. We don’t want to see them to demean or degrade the woman attached to them, we want to see them because boobs are great. Besides coffee and burritos, they are the things I put into my mouth the most. Hope I cleared that up.

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McKayla Maroney Posted These
McKayla Maroney Posted These


McKayla Maroney vaulted into our hearts during the 2012 Summer Olympics, then we were all like, "wait, she's 15". We haven't really heard from her since, but she's 18 now so we all know where it all goes from here. Bikini, cleavage, and tongue stuff on social media. I might be focusing on the wrong thing here, but I'm gonna raise my hand and ask what the hell is up with her bellybutton. It looks like she had a twin that never fully developed and all we can see is it's eye. Is that what you are? Blink once for yes, twice for no. Three times if you require medical attention.


McKayla Maroney Instagram

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