Matt Dillon Got Arrested

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Matt Dillon was arrested in Vermont last night on charges of “I’m an actor and laws do not apply to me.” WCAX-TV reports:

An Academy award winning movie star was arrested in Vermont overnight. State Police stopped Matt Dillon, who was traveling 106 miles per hour on Interstate 91 in Newbury. He is due in court next month to answer to a charge of excessive speed. The 44-year-old Dillon has appeared in dozens of movies and won an Oscar for his role in the 2004 film Crash. He also appeared in other popular movies including Something About Mary and You, Me and Dupree.

Wow, did they really have to mention You, Me and Dupree? Quite frankly, I think they just did that to be mean.


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Brad Garrett is a Big Dick

I know a lot of you will disagree with me on this, but not everybody loves Everybody Loves Raymond. I loved Ray Romano when he was a cartoon on Dr. Katz. I didn’t love Ray’s TV show. I blame Brad Garrett. His voice is like hearing a fork scraping on plates while you’re underwater and stoned, and it’s not funny. He’s a giant, and not a lovable one. Andre the Giant was a lovable giant. Brad is not.

That all leads to this – Brad, The Unlovable Giant, dressed in look-at-me clothes and went to one of those “L.A. hotspot” photo-op type restaurants with some rent-a-ho under his wing. Brad made a giant ass of himself, tried to act tough, but ended up being all talk, no action. Scratch that. There was action. He did kill someone’s (more…)

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Cameron Diaz is Topless

My contempt for joker-face Cameron Diaz is no secret. However, There’s Something About Mary was on last night, and since I was too lazy to find the remote, I watched it again and it reminded me of these pictures. (This is back when she was dating Matt Dillon, and that’s him humping her in the ocean.) So here they are again, and if you’ve never seen them they’ll be new to you. And if you’ve already seen them, you’ll bitch and whine about them like you always do. Anyway, these are proof that Cameron Diaz only looks somewhat attractive in these types of satellite photos taken from space. Up close, in person, and without makeup she’ll make you vomit. And if you’re like me, you’ll tell her to clean it up. Well, it was her fault after all.

Click thumbnails for larger NSFW images:

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