Marie Osmond’s Son Jumped 8 Stories

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Marie Osmond, creepy doll lady and being one half of the late 70’s variety show, Donny & Marie, became embarrassed this weekend for something other than being a creepy doll lady and being one half of the late 70’s variety show, Donny & Marie. The National Enquirer reports:

Michael Blosil, 18 , Marie’s son, suffered from severe depression and left behind a suicide note expressing loneliness and despair. Back in 2007, Blosil, then age 16, entered a rehab facility for treatment. In a 2007 interview, brother Donny Osmond revealed that Michael suffered from ongoing problems. “Marie has been dealing with this for a very long time. Unfortunately, he got into the wrong crowd.” Marie expressed her grief about her tragic loss in a statement: “My family and I are devastated and in deep shock by the tragic loss of our dear Michael and ask that everyone respect our privacy during this difficult time.”

I’m not sure what problems you have when you’re 18 and rich to make you want to kill yourself, so maybe somebody should have kicked his ass instead. Look man, I’m sorry daddy didn’t hug you enough and that the guys at the detail shop didn’t use that special wax on your Maybach that you specifically asked for, but that’s no reason to write a suicide note.

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Marie Osmond Fainted

Marie Osmond collapsed on live television last night after she performed a samba routine on the ABC show, Dancing with the Stars. Apparently she just stopped breathing and passed out. I can’t tell what drugs she’s on at the beginning, but I’d kinda like to know. She looks like she passed out pretty easy. Something has to work better than this belt.

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