Matthew Vaughn Might Direct ‘Man Of Steel 2’ For Some Reason, Maybe Money
Matthew Vaughn Might Direct ‘Man Of Steel 2’ For Some Reason, Maybe Money


So Man Of Steel 2 is still a thing. Yay. I thought Superman died in Batman vs Superman. Maybe in this one he comes back to life and kills himself in his car while listening to The Promise Ring since he’s a whiny emo mama’s boy.  Also, Man of Steel 2 is in the DCEU, so you probably want be able to figure out he killed himself in the final edit. Matthew Vaughn must want an infinity pool at his house. This is the only way this makes any sense.

Sources tell us that Kingsman: The Secret Service filmmaker Matthew Vaughn is Warner Bros.’ top choice to direct Man of Steel 2, and preliminary conversations about the prospect have taken place. This isn’t yet in the deal-making stage, and Vaughn could very well end up not directing the film, but he’s who Warner Bros. wants at this point in time. Moreover, sources tell us that if Vaughn for some reason doesn’t direct Man of Steel 2, Warner Bros. still wants him to helm another superhero movie in the DCEU.

Kickass was great and X-Men: First Class wasn’t terrible, but David Ayer also made some movies that were kinda great and not terrible before Suicide Squad, and we see how all that turned out. I know, I know, Suicide Squad has an Oscar. So does Gwyneth Paltrow and Three 6 Mafia. Let’s not get carried away here.


Here’s Gal Gadot since something good has to come from this post.


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This ‘Man of Steel 2’ Teaser Might Be The Best Fan Made Trailer Ever Made


My god today sucks, and fan made trailers usually suck, but damn son. The guy who made this teaser trailer for Man of Steel 2 with Ben Affleck as Batman and Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor, Soylent Brak 1 , will probably be able to finish his mom's basement now.

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One Of These Dudes Might Be The New Batman

If Warner Brothers wants any continuity to their DC universe that they've created, and if they want to be true to the source material that Zack Synder claims the Man of Steel sequel will be based (The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel), then it would make sense that Batman would be the older, even more crazy vigilante who fights crime now with an AK-47 and a heating pad for his back. With that said, then of course they should cast an older actor. BatmanOnFilm says that's the case and these are the rumored names to take over the role.

BatmanOnFilm has been working around the clock to get more details on this movie. And according to that site’s sources (stating it’s more than one and less than ten unnamed people), an older actor will be targeted to play the Dark Knight. So it means that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is definitely out if this rumor is true. And the site stated a few names, including Josh Duhamel, Jude Law, Gerard Butler, Josh Brolin, Jon Hamm, Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck and Jim Caviezel.

Whoa, Jon Hamm as Batman? A millions vaginas just screamed out then fell silent because the women they were attached to just slid off their chairs.

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