Lucy Liu Is Racist

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To prepare for her upcoming role in the TNT series about cops or something, Southland, Lucy Liu went on a ride a long with the LAPD through South Central wearing a bulletproof vest. Because riding on the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride also makes you a pirate. TMZ reports:

Liu — who just took a role as an LAPD officer on the TNT cop drama, “Southland” — was not involved in any police activity during her tour of the area, but we’re told the actress is scheduled to participate in a more active ride-along in the near future. As we previously reported, Liu’s new co-star Michael Cudlitz also put in some time with the LAPD recently — and actually responded to a call about a “man with a gun” during his ride-along.

A bulletproof vest? Oh, I see. Why it gotta be all like that? I think she might have been overreacting. She’s an Asian chick in a black neighborhood. The worst that could have happened is somebody asking her if she had any UV top coat.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Might Be Banging This

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Konichiwa, bitch. E! Online (via iNTouch Weekly) reports:

According to the tabloid, JGL and Lucy Liu were spotted last week at Periyali restaurant in New York City having quite the romantic diner. “They were kissing at the table, and she was stroking his arm,” an onlooker tells the magazine. “The age difference didn’t seem to bother Lucy at all. They looked good together—and very comfortable!” Did Hollywood’s hot new hunk really nab himself an older lady? That’s not what we’re hearing. A rep for Lucy and Joseph (the two stars have the same publicist) denies the two are a couple, saying they are “not romantically involved in the least.” We’re gonna go with business over pleasure for this dinner. Apparently, Lucy already has a boyfriend, and the meal the two shared was nothing but friendly. Good to know, these two seemed just a bit random for our taste! Then again, when we witnessed Joseph getting cozy with Devon Aoki back in June at the BING party we were a little taken aback too.

I really don’t care who Joseph Gordon-Levitt is dating, but umm, does E! employ any Asians? I get the feeling if they did, E! would make the lobby music “Chopsticks” and have a strict “no roast duck” policy in the employee handbook, because apparently white guys look weird with Asian chicks.

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Spirit Awards: Highlights

Yesterday was the Film Independent Spirit Awards, where The Wrestler grabbed top honors and added another Best Actor win for Mickey Rourke who will go head-to-head with Sean Penn tonight. But starting this off with tales of bloated-corpse Rourke and Sean Penn as gay activist Harvey Milk is sort of in the wrong direction.

I’ve collected the highlights of last night’s female attendees including Jessica Alba looking like a 30-year-old babysitter, Elizabeth Banks looking kinda busted, Cameron Diaz looking like a wax-sculpture, Eliza Dushku and her round face, Lucy Liu in pink, Penelope Cruz in brown and a surprise win for hottest by re-emerging starlet Claire Danes, who manages to look better than her contemporaries, somehow. What’s that girl been eating?

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