Hey There, Lucy Hale

So I walked in my friend’s apartment last night and she was watching something called Pretty Little Liars. I said, “Who is that?” She said, “The blonde?”. I said, “No, the other one.” She said, “Lucy Hale“. So I went to WENN this morning and looked up pictures of Lucy Hale. These are the first pictures that came up. These are pictures of Lucy Hale walking around in Studio City yesterday. But more specifically, these are pictures of Lucy Hale’s butt in these tight ass jeans. I wish I had a better story for posting these, but it’s Friday, and somebody my penis takes over here sometimes.

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Lucy Hale And Ashley Benson Are Also In Bikinis

Apparently there’s a show called Pretty Little Liars and Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale star in that show. And this weekend they put on bikinis and went to Bongo Bikini Shack for a photo shoot on Miami Beach. I spent a while editing these because stopping to Google “how do I lick Ashley Benson’s and Lucy Hale’s vaginas at the same time is there a way to do that?” doesn’t return that many results and I can’t really read Russian. So if you guys have any ideas I’m open to suggesstions.

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