Put The Camera Down, Grandma

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I just checked, and it’s not Halloween, but Lisa Rinna posted this picture of herself on Twitter.

This is what it looks like before beauty team arrives. Just keepin it real ppl!

Jesus, for a chick whose had more work than the Millennium Falcon, you’d think she’d look better without makeup. Instead, she looks like she just punched out of a grave. The only way I’d want to walk in this house is if I left a trail of bread crumbs and I printed off the MapQuest directions for the woodsman.

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Lisa Rinna In Playboy

Got this message from Todd this morning:

Make sure to hit up those Lisa Rinna PB pics today. Nice job on the plastic surgery, bitch. They might as well have taken pictures of C3PO.

Dancing with the Stars and former Melrose Place star, Rinna, sure does have a taught, probably-surgically altered body. Though her husband seems to be in favor of the spread:

“The editors told Lisa that they haven’t had photographs in the magazine like this since they had Helmut Newton and Herb Ritts shooting for them,” Harry Hamlin tells TVGuide.com. “So we’re very pleased with the way the pictures turned out.”

Settle down Harry, no reason to bring up Helmut Newton. You’re only allowed to bring up him on holidays.

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Go Links Panthers!

Now that’s a woman who is dedicated to her Florida Panthers. [TotalProSports]

Bo! Fo sho! The white guy from MA still keeps raps classic, even when mildly recycled. [EbaumNation]

UCLA wants James Franco to GTFU of their graduation ceremony. Can’t they just have an old rich guy like everyone else? [TMZ]

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are having an affair, and their lies have been smacked down by video. [LaineyGossip]

PETA is really stretching the limits of this “naked people might remind clothed people that animals aren’t things, they are more like naked people” ad campaign. Site NSFW. [DrunkenStepfather]

Lisa Rinna is so desperate to get on the new Melrose Place she strapped on a sandwich board and stood on Melrose. No joke. [ICYDK]

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Weekend Roundup: Winter Is A Sun Of A Beach

This week saw quite a few bikini pictures of celebrities who chose to escape the cold weather that comes naturally to the northern hemisphere.

Meanwhile, if I want to fly to visit my family in another state, I have to pay money to put my baggage under the plane. Then, as soon as I board, the stewardess tells us to hold on to our coats so we can conserve space in the over-head compartment. And, of course, I put my coat right in the overhead compartment, because I paid money to check my baggage and I assume that they have also allotted space for a carry-on to be associated with my seat. That space should logically be used for my coat, I mistakenly think, leading to an argument with the flight attendant, which leads to her waking me up every time she passes my seat, asking if I want more water (needlessly passive aggressive).

So if you are a drug addict like Amy Winehouse, you get to fly down to some beach and run around topless, but if you’re just some dude going home for the holidays, you’re charged money to bring your clothes with you, and told to stow your coat on your lap.

The world is so fair.

This week in winter bikinis:

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Lisa Rinna is in a Bikini

In case you hadn’t heard yet, Lisa Rinna has agreed to do Playboy again next year (she posed in 1998 while she was pregnant), so here’s a little idea of what she might look like. Awesome. I can’t wait. Because nothing turns me on like a middle-aged mom whose had more work than the Millennium Falcon. If I had sex with her I’m pretty sure I’d have to use an oil can at some point.

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Linka Rinna

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Lisa Rinna @ Playtex “talk about boobs” on September 7th:

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Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin Went out Last Night

Hey, I love Clash of the Titans as much as anyone, but that was almost thirty years ago and the last time Harry Hamlin was hot. Since then, all he’s done is deflate and look sorta creepy. Then there’s this wife of his who’s equally creepy looking, and together they’re just hard to look at without staring too long, trying to figure out exactly what’s wrong with them. If I saw them in person, I’d feel bad for staring and try to look away the same way people do when they see a burn victim or your mom.

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