Jayde Nicole Says Happy Thanksgiving, Links

Nadeea Volianova‘s nipples were too drunk to stay off the curb (NSFWTaxi Driver Movie

Kat Torres is too hot for you    Hollywood Tuna

Miranda Kerr poses with herself  Drunken Stepfather

Irina Shayk bikini pics  Popoholic

Bette Midler is sorry she promoted her upcoming tour by calling Ariana Grande a whore   Dlisted

Jennifer Aniston is supposed to win an Oscar for Cake, didn’t get nominated for a Spirit Award Celebitchy

Ela Rose just walked around the beach topless  The Superficial

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Luci Ford Says Good Morning, Links

Katy Perry‘s huge boobs and unfortunate everything else twerking in a bikini  Taxi Driver Movie

Kirk Cameron wants to show you how to talk to gay people  Dlisted

Video of a topless girl on a mechanical bull (NSFWDrunken Stepfather

Selena Gomez is tight    Hollywood Tuna

 Lindsay Lohan thinks she’s gonna be a movie star again  The Superficial

Lana Del Rey did Maxim  Popoholic

My struggle. Sorry, ladies Your Tango

Sexiest social media pics of the week  Celebslam

The Jurassic World teaser trailer is whack shit  Fishwrapper


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Sara Sampaio Says Good Morning, Links

Keke Palmer is see through  (NSFW) Taxi Driver Movie

Scarlett Johansson got a mom haircut  Popoholic

Rihanna is about to pop out    Hollywood Tuna

Video of FSU students in the library while shooter was on the loose   Drunken Stepfather

The worst thing Kim Kardashian has ever done  The Superficial

Lady Gaga got an armpit tattoo  Dlisted

Keira Knightley is probably pregnant Celebitchy

Iliana Chernakova is my new favorite person in a bikini Celebslam

Jerry Seinfeld says he’s not autistic anymore  Fishwrapper

Kelly Brook squeezed in these jeans   Moe Jackson

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Katie May Says Good Morning, Links

Jaden & Willow Smith are smoking that good, alien shit  Dlisted

Gwyneth Paltrow wrote a holiday gift guide. That is all.   The Superficial

Kendra Wilkinson decided to walk around in just a t-shirt (NSFW) Taxi Driver Movie

Megan Fox‘s jeans are really tight   Popoholic

Alexandra Eriksson has the perfect booty   Hollywood Tuna

Hailey Clauson did Terry Richardson  Drunken Stepfather

Angelina Jolie’s words are magic  Fishwrapper

Kat Torres could get it   Moe Jackson


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Audrey Allen Says Good Morning, Links

Dakota Johnson went skinny dipping  (NSFW) Taxi Driver Movie

First rule of Bill Cosby’s Rape Club: Pretend it never happened   Dlisted

Somebody give Katy Perry some water  Drunken Stepfather

Kelly Brook has a lingerie calendar   Hollywood Tuna

Jennifer Lawrence works out in this   Popoholic

Science beat Kim Kardashian’s ass  The Superficial

Kelly Brook got caught in  a sprinkler    Celebslam

Victoria Justice should have won an award   Moe Jackson

Melissa McCarthy lost 60 pounds if you can tell Fishwrapper

Colin Farrell writes open letter supporting gay marriage  Celebitchy

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Cara Delevigne Seems Really Excited To Be Here, Links

Charli XCX should put those away  (NSFW) Taxi Driver Movie

Jennifer Lawrence’s fans seem really calm and sane   Dlisted

Lara Stone is all kinds of naked  (NSFWDrunken Stepfather

Bella Thorne is trouble   Hollywood Tuna

I want this in a sandwich  Popoholic

Emily Sears’ rack is perfection    Celebslam

Vivienne Westwood is gonna be beheaded   Celebitchy

Amanda Bynes was never homeless, just insane The Superficial

Womem reading this: Kirk Cameron needs you back in the kitchen please Fishwrapper

Sarah Hyland is a red dot special   Moe Jackson

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I Think I’m In Love, Links

“A BJ a day keeps the divorce attorney away”   Dlisted

Christina Milan seems really cold (NSFW) Taxi Driver Movie

Chelsea Handler is dying of thirst (NSFWDrunken Stepfather

Bella Thorne is trouble   Hollywood Tuna

Isabel Canete. Yes, please.   Celebslam

I would never get out of bed .  The Chive

Good lawd, Olivia Wilde  Popoholic

Jennifer Lawrence is this dress  Moe Jackson

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Lauren Victoria Hanley Says Good Morning, Links

LOL @ the “author description” of Kim Kardashian‘s selfie book   Dlisted

Jerry Seinfeld spends too much time on WebMD  The Superficial

Madonna is topless for some magazine (NSFW) Drunken Stepfather

Britney Spears’ nipples are kinda looking in the same direction (NSFW) Taxi Driver Movie

Miley Cyrus needs to chill with the selfies Popoholic

Sara Malakul gets topless   Hollywood Tuna

Alessandra Ambrosio got naked for Lui (NSFW).   Celebslam

Caitlin O’Connor should be in every commercial  Moe Jackson

Ariana Grande sounds super convincing   Fishwrapper

Nicki Minaj’s boobs are bigger than her head  Just Jared

This movie looks scary as fuck Shock Till You Drop


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Jessica Rafalowski Says Good Morning, Links

Rachel Bilson gave her kid a really stupid name   Dlisted

Nicole Kidman’s nipple made an appearance at the CMAs (NSFW) Taxi Driver Movie

Eva Green’s boobs are in a calendar Drunken Stepfather

Caitlin O’Connor in daisy dukes is everything   Hollywood Tuna

Jamie Chung leg show Popoholic

The prick on Top Chef got arrested for domestic violence The Superficial

Prince Harry cheated on his chick   Celebitchy

Paris Hilton has sold…$2B worth of perfume. Two. Billion.   Celebslam

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t wear makeup, so that makes her empowering?  Fishwrapper

Jared Padalecki hates Taylor Swift . Just Jared

Doutzen Kroes is back to being hot Moe Jackson


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Jessica Cribbon Says Good Morning, Links

Miranda Kerr is see through (NSFW) Taxi Driver Movie

Kat Torres in a bikini is everything  Hollywood Tuna

Britney Spears has a new boyfran Dlisted

Emma Stone in lingerie Drunken Stepfather

Jamie Chung leg show Popoholic

Honey Boo Boo slept in the same bed as a child molester The Superficial

Gisele isn’t wearing her wedding ring  Celebslam

Carrie Underwood got Taylor Swift jokes. Just Jared

Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged  Celebitchy

Kirk Cameron can’t stop being fucking weird  Fishwrapper

Krysten Ritter takes the bus Moe Jackson

Miranda Lambert rocked three different hairstyles at the CMAs  Hollywood Life

Irina Shayk in lingerie WWTDD

Jennifer Aniston just wants to elope now Lainey Gossip

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