Khloe Kardashian Says Good Morning, Links

Chrissy Teigen was classy naked (NSFWTaxi Driver Movie

Eiza Gonzales in lingerie    Egotastic

Taylor Swift‘s latest single is hot fire    The Superficial

Kylie Jenner really wants you to know she has a nipple ring (NSFW site)  Celeb Jihad

Jessica Alba left her socks on   Popoholic

Sarah Harding performed in this at Manchester Pride  The Nip Slip

Get to know Cindy Prado   Hollywood Tuna

Taylor Swift’s squad could fit inside Janet Jackson’s pants   Dlisted

Ireland Baldwin at the beach in pasties  DrunkenStepfather

Alessandra Ambrosio makes me not want to be a popscicle   Moe Jackson

One of these chicks will star in Star Wars: VIII Just Jared

Hottest women of the 2015 US Open COED

Bryan Fuller describes the Silence of The Lambs season of Hannibal Crave Online

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Demi Lovato Says Good Morning, Links

Tove Lo flashed her boobs on stage  (NSFWTaxi Driver Movie

We still see that, Selena Gomez  The Nip Slip

Victoria Justice is taking lots of bikini pics  (NSFW site)  Celeb Jihad

Taylor Swift strategically placed the minorities   The Superficial

Tyga released the video for “Stimulated” starring guess who   Dlisted

Crossfit fails   Hollywood Tuna

Kendall Jenner is all legs   Popoholic

Here’s a video of Lindsay Lohan in a bikini and dancing on a yacht  DrunkenStepfather

Gigi Hadid got locked in a tanning bed    The Blemish

ICYMI: Bella Thorne at the VMAS   Moe Jackson

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Your New Mrs Universe Says Good Morning, Links

Let’s revisit Gabriela Cruz in Treats Magazine  (NSFW) The Nip Slip

Miley Cyrus and Jared Leto posed for this pic at the VMAs last night  (NSFW Taxi Driver Movie

Listen to the kids, bruh. Kanye West is running for President in 2020  Dlisted

Bieber was the fairest transgendered teen at the VMAs   The Superficial

Somebody made a porn music video for Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”  (NSFWCeleb Jihad

Denise Schaefer’s butt should be on currency   Hollywood Tuna

I was unaware that Emma Stone had that   Popoholic

Juliette Lewis topless for No Tofu  DrunkenStepfather

Kate Hudson went to a spa    Moe Jackson

Regardless, Bieber is probably banging this   Celebslam

More Mrs Universe Ashley Burnham Callingbull  Buzzfeed

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Lindsey Pelas Says Good Morning, Links

Rita Ora did this to her nipples, Happy Friday.  (NSFW site) The Nip Slip

Joanna Krupa has to testify against her own vagina   The Superficial

Anna Duggar didn’t know what “rape” meant when she married Josh Duggar  Dlisted

Emma Watson remains perfect   Popoholic

Katy Perry took her boobs to a Broadway show  (NSFW site)  Celeb Jihad

Abigail Clancy‘s panties raised the price of these pics  (NSFW Taxi Driver Movie

Please welcome Lyna Perez   Hollywood Tuna

The pic looks staged like everything else they do  DrunkenStepfather

Amber Heard wore these pants   Moe Jackson

The Weeknd gets to see Bella Hadid naked   The Blemish

Hannibal but with puppets   Egotastic

Lindsey Pelas in TeenyB  TeenyB

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Candice Swanepoel Naked In Lui Says Good Morning, Links

I’m thinking Ben Affleck had to pawn it  Dlisted

You can call Tila Tequila’s sex line just don’t be Jewish   The Superficial

Abigail Clancy‘s panties raised the price of these pics  (NSFW Taxi Driver Movie

Taylor Swift wears pasties for some reason  (NSFWCeleb Jihad

Kate Compton owns all the bikinis   Hollywood Tuna

Kylie Jenner did a weird bathing suit photoshoot  DrunkenStepfather

Karen Gillan wore a thong to the gym  (NSFW site) The Nip Slip

The lesson here is that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley does a lot of squats   Popoholic

America Ultra 2 is already filming   Moe Jackson

The New York Daily News went full on New York Daily News news yesterday   The Blemish

The Metal Gear trailer hits you in the nostalgia feels   Egotastic

More nekkid Candice Swanepoel  IDLYITW

#tbt Rihanna naked in Lui IDLYITW

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Jessica Lowndes Says Good Morning, Links
Jessica Lowndes Says Good Morning, Links

Phoebe Price and her costume probably smell the same  Dlisted

Snooki’s husband had an Ashley Madison account   The Superficial

Joanna Krupa desecrated the Dead Sea (NSFW site) The Nip Slip

Joan Smalls topless for Lui Magazine  (NSFW Taxi Driver Movie

Anna Kendrick should do scenes like this more often  (NSFWCeleb Jihad

Hayden Panettiere in a bikini, anyone?  DrunkenStepfather


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Courtney Stodden Says Good Morning, Links

Jessica Simpson’s breasts are tools of Lucifer”- Josh Duggar   The Superficial

Laura Whitmore knew what she was doing when she left the house  (NSFW siteTaxi Driver Movie

Why have a balcony if you can’t be topless at all times? (NSFW) The Nip Slip

Quentin Tarantino thinks Cate Blanchett should wipe her IMDB  Dlisted

I don’t think there’s a scenario where Elsa Hosk wouldn’t naked more  (NSFWCeleb Jihad

Emma Roberts is a lingerie model now? k  DrunkenStepfather

Remember the OG of  social media hos?   Hollywood Tuna

Emmy Rossum in skin tight workout clothes  Popoholic

J-Lo looks like a twerking Apache chief in her new music video   Moe Jackson

Katie Holmes has looked better Celebslam

I’m so down with this Rogue One rumor  Egotastic

Henry Cavill hates America   Just Jared

Hey, remember Courtney Stodden’s sex tape? (NSFW)  IDLYITW

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Rosie Roff Says Good Morning, Links

BREAKING: Taylor Swift brought black people on stage   Dlisted

I think Hatty Keane planned this  (NSFWTaxi Driver Movie

So…there’s a porn edit of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” video (NSFWCeleb Jihad

Larry Flynt doesn’t care about Kylie Jenner‘s ass   The Superficial

Every model you like in bed for V Magazine  DrunkenStepfather

Sheila Marquez in lingerie as the lord intended The Nip Slip

Gigi Hadid is hard at work   Hollywood Tuna

Hilary Duff wore this  Popoholic

Iggy Azalea is still being asked to do things   Moe Jackson

Emily DiDonato did the open cleavage thing Egotastic

Mirgaeva Galinka owns Instagram Heyman Hustle

Avril Lavigne called out Taylor Swift   Just Jared

More Rosie Roff  Instagram

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Emily Ratajkowski Says Good Morning (Again), Links

Rumer Willis is blue and see through  (NSFW site)  Taxi Driver Movie

Jenna Jenovich could spare some tits for everyone   The Superficial

Instead of leaving Josh Duggar, his wife plans on praying   Dlisted

Lara Stone got naked for W Korea (NSFWDrunkenStepfather

A NSFW Game of Thrones/Jim Carrey mashup? Yes, please  Celeb Jihad

Sheila Marquez in lingerie as the lord intended The Nip Slip

I think this is Kendall Jenner‘s 256th bikini this week  Popoholic

You should probably follow Gia Marie on Instagram   Hollywood Tuna

Eiza Gonzalez in this dress   Moe Jackson

The best Instagram/Twitpic roundup in America today Egotastic

Heidi Klum is in love with a man who throw up stuff   Just Jared

More Emily Ratajkwoski IDLYITW

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Emily Ratajkowski Says Good Morning, Links

Josh Duggar had two Ashley Madison accounts (no Family Values discount)   The Superficial

Nicki Minaj should wear a bigger shirt (NSFWTaxi Driver Movie

A million pics of Megan Fox in a bikini  DrunkenStepfather

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a daddy now  Dlisted

A Solveig Mork picture moment   Hollywood Tuna

Natalie Dormer‘s sex scenes in The Scandalous Lady W (NSFWCeleb Jihad

Shannen Doherty has breast cancer The Blemish

Here’s what the zombies will look like in Fear The Walking Dead Egotastic

Some weird stuff about Mr. Robot   Just Jared

Kendall Jenner in bikini a being launched in the ocean  Popoholic

Emma Stone in this dress   Moe Jackson

More Emily Ratajkwoski IDLYITW

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