Jennifer Lopez’ Butt Did Kimmel & Links

Anne Hathaway was super cold at the beach (NSFW site)  [  Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Taylor Swift will burn her enemies in a forest fire  [   The Superficial   ]

John Stamos threw the full shade at the Olsen twins  [  Dlisted   ]

Rita Ora’s bikinis are getting ridic   [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Cara Delevinge in a bikini is meh  (NSFW site)  [  The Nip Slip  ]

Kendall Jenner in a bikini on a yacht with One Direction  [   DrunkenStepfather  ]

Jess Glynne is asking way too much of the sun  [  Moe Jackson  ]

Hilary Clinton promised to find life outside Earth if elected  [  The Blemish  ]

Kristen Stewart wore this dress, smiled once  [  Popoholic  ]

Sup, Luisana Lopilato?  [  Celebslam  ]

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are about to go to war  [  Cele|bitchy  ]

Megyn Kelly said Donald Trump tried to hit it more than once  [  COED  ]

Clinton: The Musical is a thing  [  Popbytes  ]

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Happy 2016, Charlotte McKinney & Links

January 1st

A photo posted by charlottemckinney (@charlottemckinney) on

BEST Of 2015: Jessica Simpson’s nipples  [   The Superficial   ]

Caroline Flack sunbathes like this (NSFW)  [  Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Taylor Swift got a boob job?  [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Demi Lovato didn’t fell this? (NSFW)  [  The Nip Slip  ]

Christina Millian’s nipples have their own Snapchat  [   DrunkenStepfather  ]

Drake and Amber Rose might be dating  [  Dlisted   ]

It’s Katie Cassidy at the beach in Miami again  [  Moe Jackson  ]

George Lucas is over Star Wars  [  The Blemish  ]

Jessica Alba in leggings  [  Popoholic  ]

Hey there, Nina Senicar  [  Celebslam  ]

Kendall Jenner might be gay  [  Cele|bitchy  ]

Leonardo DiCaprio is banging this  [  COED  ]

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Bai Ling Is Subtle & Links

BEST Of 2015: Hilary Duff in a bikini  [   The Superficial   ]

Brittny Gastineau‘s nipple in the ocean  (NSFW)  [  Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Kate Upton showing off the puppies  [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Khloe Kardashian naked   [  The Nip Slip  ]

Kendall Jenner‘s ass is the family’s only hope  [   DrunkenStepfather  ]

Stars Wars made Hayden Christensen want to quit Hollywood  [  Dlisted   ]

Robin Thicke’s girlfriend in a bikini  [  Moe Jackson  ]

Leonardo DiCaprio is too good for your franchise bullshit  [  The Blemish  ]

Madison Beer is still in a bikini   [  Popoholic  ]

Caroline Flack in a bikini   [  Celebslam  ]

Kylie Jenner is full of lies  [  Cele|bitchy  ]

50 hottest photoshoots of 2015  [  COED  ]

Marky Mark is the MOST MAN in Daddy’s Home  [  Lainey Gossip  ]

Chloe Grace Moretz is all legs   Egotastic  ]

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Lindsey Pelas Is A Sex Doll Now & Links

BEST Of 2015: Miley Cyrus naked (NSFW)  [   The Superficial   ]

Taylor Schilling in a bikini is bad  (NSFW site)  [  Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Daisy Lowe in a bikini is also bad  [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Kat Von D and Steve-O are doing each other  [  Dlisted   ]

Rita Ora’s swimsuit needs to be seen again   [  The Nip Slip  ]

Russell Crowe is pissed at Virgin Airlines   [  The Blemish  ]

Michelle Lewin in a bikini is good  [  Moe Jackson  ]

Rihanna in a bikini is okay  [   DrunkenStepfather  ]

Hilary Swank‘s butt in yoga pants is sorta good  [  Popoholic  ]

Nothing but bikinis  [  Celebslam  ]

Samuel L. Jackson is voting for Hillary Clinton  [  Cele|bitchy  ]

A Page 3 Girl Christmas  Egotastic  ]

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Kylie Jenner Got Ink & Links

All red. @bangbangnyc

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Tom Cruise is selling his Scientology house  [  Dlisted   ]

This is how Kate England walks her dog  (NSFW)  [  Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Alessandra Ambrosio walking around in a bikini  [   DrunkenStepfather  ]

BEST Of 2015: Chrissy Teigen topless (NSFW)  [   The Superficial   ]

Katy Cassidy bent over in a bikini  [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Your model at midnight is Katja Shchekina  [  Celebslam  ]

Seems like a good deal  (NSFW)  [  The Nip Slip  ]

Ryan Phillippe, 41, is marrying his 24-year old girlfriend  [  Cele|bitchy  ]

Reddit has a thread about Tinder horror stories and its incredible  [  The Blemish  ]

Rita Ora’s bikini is struggling  [  Popoholic  ]

Hot Girl In An Ugly Bikini, Part 76,392  [  Moe Jackson  ]

“Don’t Use The Force On A Penis Ring”  Egotastic  ]

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Sara Underwood Did Christmas In A Bikini & Links

A photo posted by Sara Underwood (@saraunderwood) on

5 Seconds of Summer got naked for Rolling Stone, insulted Justin Bieber  [  Dlisted   ]

Christina Millian had a nipple show on Snapchat  (NSFW)  [  Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Former Miss USA Kentucky Allie Leggett is naked in a book (NSFW)  [   DrunkenStepfather  ]

Anybody wanna see Khloe Kardashian’s nipples? (NSFW)  [   The Superficial   ]

Katy Cassidy bent over in a bikini  [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Your model at midnight is Ingerid Maske  [  Celebslam  ]

Demi Lovato had to feel that  (NSFW)  [  The Nip Slip  ]

The 80s & 90s got married  [  Cele|bitchy  ]

Drake Bell got popped with a DUI  [  The Blemish  ]

Damn, Jessica Alba  [  Popoholic  ]

Madison Beer at the beach  [  Moe Jackson  ]

Ghosts of Christmas Hotties Past  Egotastic  ]

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Good Morning, Rosie Jones & Links

A photo posted by Rosie Jones (@1rosiejones) on

Hugh Grant has four kids now  [ Dlisted  ]

Candice Swanepoel is see through on a bed  (NSFW site)  [ Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Rachel Sanders is what is being called a “bikini”  (NSFW site)  [ The Nip Slip  ]

Harrison Ford got PAID for The Force Awakens   [  Cele|bitchy  ]

Don’t ask R Kelly about rape  [ The Superficial  ]

Bella Thorne’s Christmas tongue  [  DrunkenStepfather  ]

A Stephanie Smith picture moment  [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

UFC fighter Julianna Pena beat two guys’ ass, got arrested  [ The Blemish ]

Elle Fanning wants you to see her bra  [  Popoholic  ]

Tarantino got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame  [  Moe Jackson  ]

Angry Star Wars nerds are angry  Egotastic  ]

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Ana Cheri Is Darth Vader & Links

A photo posted by anacheri (@anacheri) on

Black Hermoine Granger is coming for your wives  [ The Superficial  ]

Lady Gaga + pasties + mesh dress thing  (NSFW site)  [ Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Luke Evans has pierced nipples  [ Dlisted  ]

Arianna Celeste goes topless for the holidays  [ The Blemish ]

Jessica Alba in a bikini  [  DrunkenStepfather  ]

Becky G is probably Selena Gomez  [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Ellie Gonsalves naked in Treats  (NSFW)  [ The Nip Slip  ]

Emma Stone pumping gas  [  Popoholic  ]

Katy Cassidy in a bikini  [  Moe Jackson  ]

Miss Universe Pia Alonzo in a bikini   [  Celebslam  ]

Bar Refaeli in lingerie  Egotastic  ]

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Lindsey Pelas Posted This & Links

A photo posted by lindsey (@lindseypelas) on

Yeah so, Lindsay Lohan looks hot here  (NSFW site)  [ Taxi Driver Movie  ]

The best pics of Candice Swanepoel ever taken  [ The Superficial  ]

This is what a Miley Cyrus Dead Petz show looks like   [ Dlisted  ]

Ronda Rousey dressed as a Stormtrooper to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens  [ The Blemish ]

Sofia Vergara in pink yoga pants   [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Pap shots of Demi Lovato in a bathing suit is what you’d expect  [  DrunkenStepfather  ]

Kendall Jenner wore these pants  (NSFW site)  [ The Nip Slip  ]

More pics of Olivia Wilde in a bikini  [  Popoholic  ]

Karrueche Tran in a bikini  [  Moe Jackson  ]

Taylor Swift‘s wax sculpture fooled me   [  Celebslam  ]

Amanda Seyfried in lingerie  Egotastic  ]

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Abigail Ratchford In Lingerie & Links

Kendall Jenner wore this on television  (NSFW site)  [ Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Barbara Walters sexually harassed Bradley Cooper  [ Dlisted  ]

Lots of pics of Candice Swanepoel’s butt  [ The Superficial  ]

Kylie Jenner looks 50 now   [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Miley Cyrus wore this in the Vancouver airport  (NSFW site)  [ The Nip Slip  ]

Who wants to see a bunch of Bella Thorne’s Snapchats?  [  DrunkenStepfather  ]

Lily Aldridge in bikini  [  Popoholic  ]

Teresa Palmer wore this at the Point Break premiere  [  Moe Jackson  ]

Jennifer Lawrence talked about her sex scene with Chris Pratt  [ The Blemish ]

Prince William has become “arrogant, spoilt and very difficult”   [  Cele|bitchy  ]

Bella Hadid as a slutty Wonder Woman  Egotastic  ]

#WhitesAgainstTrump trended on Twitter  [  COED  ]

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