Alessandra Ambrosio’s Shorts & Links

SXSW canceled some stuff because nerds like threatening violence  [Crave ]

Princess Kate‘s bang struggle is real  [Lainey Gossip ]

Jeb Bush weirded out Supergirl  [ The Superficial ]

Lisa Turtle has a sex tape, probably VHS  [ Dlisted ]

Christina Milian wore this in a music video as one does  (NSFW)   [ Taxi Driver Movie ]

Vanessa Hudgens‘ ass vs. a car  [ DrunkenStepfather ]

Chrissy Teigen continues to slay the pregnancy game (NSFW site)  [ The Nip Slip ]

Brielle Birkholm in a bunch of bikinis  [ Hollywood Tuna ]

Jennifer Garner‘s ass vs. her kid’s car seat  [ Popoholic ]

Amy Jackson is a British in lingerie is a reason  [ Celebslam ]

The new X-Files trailer has a monster in it  [ The Blemish ]

JJ Abrams laughs at your Luke Skywalker theories  [ Egotastic ]

Sandra Bullock looking hot as hell  [ Moe Jackson ]

12.4M people watched the Supergirl pilot epsiode  [ Superhero Hype ]

“Jeopardy Tom” is on his way to bang your girl and/or man [ The Frisky ]

Kylie Jenner bought a $50K dog because God is cruel  [ Cele|bitchy ]

Kendall Jenner is a tease  [ Fishwrapper ]

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Gavin Rossdale Seems Fine, LInks

Heidi Klum‘s Halloween costume is Kim Kardashian  [ The Superficial ]

Pamela Anderson‘s vagina saw a ghost  (NSFW)   [ Taxi Driver Movie ]

Leaked Bella Thorne Snapchats (hint: boobs)  [ DrunkenStepfather ]

Kemp Muhl dgaf (NSFW)  [ The Nip Slip ]

Ryan Adams got sexed into Taylor Swift‘s Girl Squad  [ Dlisted ]

Sara Sampaio in a bikini   [ Hollywood Tuna ]

Chrissy Teigen is slaying the pregnancy game [ Popoholic ]

Ruby Rose tho  [ Moe Jackson ]

Aziz Ansari isn’t taking Hollywood’s shit   [ The Blemish ]

Jamie Gums in a bikini  [ Celebslam ]

Bar Refaeli did GQ  [ Egotastic ]

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Hilary Duff Says Good Morning, Links

Avril Lavigne‘s nipple didn’t have a Halloween costume  (NSFW)   [ Taxi Driver Movie ]

The Jessica Jones trailer is badass  [ The Superficial ]

Martha Hunt is a thigh model  [ DrunkenStepfather ]

Kourtney Kardashian cameltoe is severe  [ The Nip Slip ]

Colton Haynes was Ursala for Halloween  [ Dlisted ]

Alyssa Arce has these  [ Hollywood Tuna ]

Jessica Biel still looks like this again  [ Popoholic ]

Ariel Winter is a hero  [ Moe Jackson ]

Leonardo DiCaprio slept in dead animal carcasses for his Oscar   [ The Blemish ]

Guisela Rhein in a bikini  [ Celebslam ]

Genevieve Morton strips down in a director’s chair  [ Egotastic ]

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Juliette Lewis Says Good Morning, Links

Anthony Mackie continues to make no sense  [ Dlisted ]

Jeb Bush wants to bang Supergirl [ The Superficial ]

Charli XCX is super cold  (NSFW)   [ Taxi Driver Movie ]

#FBF: A video of Sofia Vergara in a bikini reporting on a swimming pool   [ Celeb Jihad ]

Kate Upton pretending she’s working out  [ DrunkenStepfather ]

Kahili Blundell‘s Instagram > everything [ Hollywood Tuna ]

Rihanna is see through  [ The Nip Slip ]

Jessica Biel still has dat ass  [ Popoholic ]

This Jessica Alba‘s carry on luggage [ Moe Jackson ]

A woman threatened to eat her neighbor’s noisy kids   [ The Blemish ]

Hello, Laura Acuna [ Celebslam ]

Zendaya in a bikini  [ Egotastic ]

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Amber Rose In GQ Says Good Morning, Links
Amber Rose In GQ Says Good Morning, Links

Bill Murray is banging this  [ Dlisted ]

Farrah Abraham is slaying this whole motherhood thing [ The Superficial ]

Joanna Krupa knew her nipples were doing this  (NSFW)   [ Taxi Driver Movie ]

Ronda Rousey killin it in SELF  [ DrunkenStepfather ]

Daphne Joy has a nice Instagram [ Hollywood Tuna ]

Britney Spears looks cold  [ The Nip Slip ]

 Nicole Scherzinger invested in a push up bra  [ Popoholic ]

Krysten Ritter at the Netflix launch in Madrid [ Moe Jackson ]

Chris Rock is hosting the Oscars   [ The Blemish ]

Rachel Bilson is still adorable [ Celebslam ]

Katharine McPhee in a wet t-shirt   [ Egotastic ]

Amber Rose talks some stuff  [ GQ ]

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Hailey Baldwin & Kylie Jenner Say Good Morning, Links

#BoycottStarWarsVII was trolling? So what.  [ The Superficial ]

Paula Deen let them eat butter in hell  [ Dlisted ]

Alexa Vega has an insane cameltoe (NSFW)   [ Taxi Driver Movie ]

Zoe Kravitz is see through (NSFW)   [ The Nip Slip ]

A weird Charli XCX upskirt   [ DrunkenStepfather ]

Miranda Kerr in this dress  [ Hollywood Tuna ]

Megan Fox on set of New Girl  [ Moe Jackson ]

Kendall Jenner remains in her original packaging  [ Popoholic ]

Elas Hosk is topless (NSFW)  [ The Blemish ]

Here’s Anne Hathaway‘s O face [ Celebslam ]

A tribute to David Bowie‘s dong in Labyrinth   [ Egotastic ]

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Ava Lange Says Good Morning, Links

Lindsay Lohan wants to be President  [ The Superficial ]

Justin Bieber really liked his dad’s comments about his junk  [ Dlisted ]

Jess Impiazzi tried to cover it up (NSFW)   [ Taxi Driver Movie ]

Taylor Swift as an ISIS sex slave. Okay, then.  (NSFW) [ Celeb Jihad ]

Sienna Guillory got noticed on the red carpet (NSFW)   [ The Nip Slip ]

Julianne Hough in panties   [ DrunkenStepfather ]

Ronda Rousey‘s thighs are bigger than yours  [ Hollywood Tuna ]

Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet at the Steve Jobs premiere  [ Moe Jackson ]

Salma Hayek can’t be contained   [ Popoholic ]

IHOP‘s social media intern will probably get fired  [ The Blemish ]

Robin Thicke’s girlfriend in a bikini  [ Celebslam ]

All your favorite Page 3 girls in the 2016 Hotshots Calendar   [ Egotastic ]

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Charlie Riina Is NSFW, Links

Bai Ling as a slutty Joker? Of course.  [ Dlisted ]

This is how Charli XCX gets out of a limo   [ Taxi Driver Movie ]

Sienna Guillory got noticed on the red carpet (NSFW)   [ The Nip Slip ]

The Shannon Twins crashed, got a DUI trying to get nipple rings  [ The Superficial ]

Elle Fanning looks like this now. Lawd.   [ DrunkenStepfather ]

Renee Olstead cleavage show  [ Hollywood Tuna ]

Rachel Sanders should live in a bikini [ Moe Jackson ]

Jessica Chastain at the Crimson Peak premiere   [ Popoholic ]

Thor and Captain America are kissing on a new cover  [ The Blemish ]

Kate Hudson is see through   [ Egotastic ]

All the sexy social media pics you missed  [ Celebslam ]


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Bai Ling Says Good Morning, Links

Miley Cyrus is having orgies now  [ The Superficial ]

Snooki got pregnant while driving [ Dlisted ]

A moment with Allie Silva  [ Hollywood Tuna ]

Leona Lewis said screw the bra  (NSFW)   [ Taxi Driver Movie ]

Rita Ora wore this   [ The Nip Slip ]

Katherine Heigl changed on set, has a weird ass   [ DrunkenStepfather ]

Kate Hudson keeps the booty poppin   [ Popoholic ]

Lady Gaga‘s bare ass in AHS   [ Egotastic ]

Natasha Barnard in lingerie  [ Celebslam ]

Lea Michele called her ass a “showstopper”  [ The Blemish ]

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Nasia Jansen Says Good Morning, Links

Khloe Kardashian is ready to pull the plug [ Dlisted ]

Malin Akerman doesn’t need a bra  (NSFW)   [ Taxi Driver Movie ]

Michelle Duggar wants to give you sex advice  [ The Superficial ]

Kendall Jenner topless in Vogue Japan [ The Nip Slip ]

A moment with Chloe Blanchard  [ Hollywood Tuna ]

Britney Spears flashing her ass cheek  [ DrunkenStepfather ]

Olivia Wilde in these jeans   [ Popoholic ]


Hope Solo is a “shitty person”  [ The Blemish ]

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