Taylor Hill Says Good Morning, Links

Here’s why Jennifer Aniston got married  The Superficial

Hey, Katie Holmes. Could you maybe wear this everyday forever?  Dlisted

Reese Witherspoon should be more careful getting out of cars  (NSFW site)  Taxi Driver Movie

Rosie Ruff has a nice Instagram  Hollywood Tuna

Hatty Keane just flashes her ass to bystanders she dgaf (NSFW) The Nip Slip

Stella Maxwell and her nipple are artistic  DrunkenStepfather

The buttons in Salma Hayek‘s shirt are in grave danger   Popoholic

Rosie O’Donnell vs. Donald Trump 2: Yawn Of Justice    Just Jared

21 things you need to add to your Netflix list in August  Popsugar

“Bro-jobs” are a thing that happen. Yes, it’s what you think  The Frisky

Angelina Jolie is still trolling Jennifer Aniston  Lainey Gossip

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Rachel Williams Says Good Morning, Links

Nina Agdal did a topless photoshoot (spoiler: she didn’t tan topless)  (NSFWTaxi Driver Movie

Robin Thicke and his 20-year old piece will have babies with deformed heads  Dlisted

Josiah Duggar was born this way  The Superficial

I have no idea what Britney Spears is doing here  DrunkenStepfather

Samantha Knoxx: would hit/ask to use her bong  Hollywood Tuna

Chrissy Teigen is ready to start a family with John Legend   Just Jared

TV shows you should watch based on astrological sign. “Pretty Little Liars”? For real, bro?  Popsugar

Charlotte McKinney’s bra is thinking about tapping out   Popoholic

The yoga pants Charlize Theron is wearing look sad   Moe Jackson

Meek Mill wants to do something with Drake’s underwear  The Frisky

Henry Cavill standing on a couch  Lainey Gossip

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Chelsea Howard Says Good Morning, Links

Whitney Cummings might as well be topless (NSFWTaxi Driver Movie

Zoe Kravitz threw her phone in a volcano yesterday (NSFWThe Superficial

All of the Miley Cyrus and a bunch of models pics from W Magazine  DrunkenStepfather

Denise Richards in a bikini, anyone?  The Nip Slip

Hannah Ferguson should always wear lingerie  Hollywood Tuna


These Rosie Huntington-Whiteley lingerie pics tho    Popoholic

The is what Madame Tussauds did to Nicki Minaj  Moe Jackson

Taylor Swift announced her next single off 1989  Just Jared

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Gemma Lee Farrell Says Good Morning, Links

Hilary Duff wore a wife beater in the rain (NSFW site)  Taxi Driver Movie

Natalie Portman didn’t take any bras to Rome  The Nip Slip

Uhh hello, Selena Gomez‘s legs.    Popoholic

If you were one of these people, kill yourself. It’s the only way The Superficial

Rihanna in a bikini makes me sad  DrunkenStepfather

Zooey Deschanel is so hipster, she got married this month  Dlisted

Arianny Celeste did FHM   Hollywood Tuna

Ruby Rose, in a bikini, is surrounded by bikinis in Ibiza  Moe Jackson

Rita Ora in a bikini  Just Jared

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Julianne Says Good Morning, Links

Of course Ashlee Simpson gave her baby a dumb name  Dlisted

Ireland Baldwin wore a t-shirt in the rain without a bra (NSFW site)  Taxi Driver Movie

Hilary Duff is wearing see through hipster The Nip Slip

Heidi Klum‘s nipples got some sun (NSFW) The Superficial

Selena Gomez‘s stomach did a photoshoot for Adidas   Hollywood Tuna

Bella Thorne wore this Moe Jackson

Avril Lavigne in a bikini  (NSFW) DrunkenStepfather

A video of Jena Dewan dancing   Popoholic

The definitive Charlotte McKinney picture Celebslam

You know you wanna watch the Zoolander 2 trailer Just Jared

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Emily Sears Says Good Morning, Links

Betty White wants to kill the Lionslayer. You can stop now.  Dlisted

Lindsay Lohan looks like this at the beach now (NSFWTaxi Driver Movie

Cover your eyes The Superficial

Julie Pereira in a bikini is my design  Hollywood Tuna

Alina Boyko is new and hot  Popoholic

Here’s Miley Cyrus completely naked on a car (NSFW) DrunkenStepfather

The creepiest picture of 2015 Celebslam

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Rhian Sugden Says Good Morning, Links

Joanna Krupa got naked for PETA  (NSFWTaxi Driver Movie

Giesele wore a burqa to get fix her tits and eyes   Dlisted

Sarah Palin or Caitlyn Jenner? You decide.  The Superficial

I want to be the bottle Dita Von Teese is holding (NSFW) DrunkenStepfather

Olivia Culpo wore these shorts  Popoholic

You really need Tami Donaldson in your life   Hollywood Tuna

Luisa Zissman sunbathes like this  The Nip Slip

Emmy Rossum could get it  Celebslam

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Holly Hagan Wore This To A Party, Links

Hulk Hogan said this as he put on a feather boa   Dlisted

Nobody is listening to what you’re saying, Chloe Goodman  (NSFWTaxi Driver Movie

Lots of pictures of Nina Dobrev‘s butt   The Superficial

Nicole Scherzinger‘s boob fell out in Mykonos  The Nip Slip

Anna Kendrick wears the most Anna Kendrick swimsuit DrunkenStepfather

Kendall Jenner‘s cameltoe could swallow you  Popoholic

Zo Nowak is someone you should know  Hollywood Tuna

Donald Trump just dropped 250,000 points in the latest poll  Cele|bitchy

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Sophia Miacova Says Good Morning, Links

Lisa Snowdon on vacation.  Getting a topless massage  (NSFWTaxi Driver Movie

Tereza Jelinkova in a bikini is all wet  The Superficial

Charlotte McKinney shopping ass flash  The Nip Slip

Khloe Kardashian is Jim Bob Duggar now   Dlisted

Tom Cruise did a lip-synch battle DrunkenStepfather

A moment with Gabrielle Pollock  Hollywood Tuna

Mila Kunis has mom boobs now Popoholic

More like Robyn Lawd-ley amirite?  Celebslam

I hope Katy Perry tackles gun control better than she tackled Taylor Swift Celebitchy

College cheerleaders taking selfies. That is all.  COED

Shia LaBeouf almost killed his girlfriend The Frisky

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Amanda Lee Says Good Morning, Links

Katy Perry‘s word salad entered the Taylor Swift/Nicki Minaj cage match   Dlisted

Kimberly Garner‘s cameltoe could swallow a baby goat  (NSFWTaxi Driver Movie

Alexis Ren should wear all the bikinis Hollywood Tuna

“Here’s her nipples.” - Rihanna‘s clothes recently    DrunkenStepfather

Lindsay Lohan‘s boob popped out of the saddest swimsuit ever The Nip Slip

Bella Thorne sideboob because America  The Superficial

Elle Fanning probably killed Dakota Fanning  Popoholic

Simple fuckery The Frisky

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