Lauren Victoria Hanley Says Good Morning, Links

LOL @ the “author description” of Kim Kardashian‘s selfie book   Dlisted

Jerry Seinfeld spends too much time on WebMD  The Superficial

Madonna is topless for some magazine (NSFW) Drunken Stepfather

Britney Spears’ nipples are kinda looking in the same direction (NSFW) Taxi Driver Movie

Miley Cyrus needs to chill with the selfies Popoholic

Sara Malakul gets topless   Hollywood Tuna

Alessandra Ambrosio got naked for Lui (NSFW).   Celebslam

Caitlin O’Connor should be in every commercial  Moe Jackson

Ariana Grande sounds super convincing   Fishwrapper

Nicki Minaj’s boobs are bigger than her head  Just Jared

This movie looks scary as fuck Shock Till You Drop


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Jessica Rafalowski Says Good Morning, Links

Rachel Bilson gave her kid a really stupid name   Dlisted

Nicole Kidman’s nipple made an appearance at the CMAs (NSFW) Taxi Driver Movie

Eva Green’s boobs are in a calendar Drunken Stepfather

Caitlin O’Connor in daisy dukes is everything   Hollywood Tuna

Jamie Chung leg show Popoholic

The prick on Top Chef got arrested for domestic violence The Superficial

Prince Harry cheated on his chick   Celebitchy

Paris Hilton has sold…$2B worth of perfume. Two. Billion.   Celebslam

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t wear makeup, so that makes her empowering?  Fishwrapper

Jared Padalecki hates Taylor Swift . Just Jared

Doutzen Kroes is back to being hot Moe Jackson


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Jessica Cribbon Says Good Morning, Links

Miranda Kerr is see through (NSFW) Taxi Driver Movie

Kat Torres in a bikini is everything  Hollywood Tuna

Britney Spears has a new boyfran Dlisted

Emma Stone in lingerie Drunken Stepfather

Jamie Chung leg show Popoholic

Honey Boo Boo slept in the same bed as a child molester The Superficial

Gisele isn’t wearing her wedding ring  Celebslam

Carrie Underwood got Taylor Swift jokes. Just Jared

Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged  Celebitchy

Kirk Cameron can’t stop being fucking weird  Fishwrapper

Krysten Ritter takes the bus Moe Jackson

Miranda Lambert rocked three different hairstyles at the CMAs  Hollywood Life

Irina Shayk in lingerie WWTDD

Jennifer Aniston just wants to elope now Lainey Gossip

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Bryana Holly Says Good Morning, Links

Lady Gaga is topless backstage (NSFW) Taxi Driver Movie

Iggy Azalea had a vgaina slip at a Bar Mitzvah Drunken Stepfather

Meet hottie Maritza Veer Hollywood Tuna

Sorry, ladies. Luke Evans has a boyfriend. Just Jared

Uhhh….Olivia Munn had some work done Popoholic

Everything with Amanda Bynes is still awful The Superficial

Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged  Celebitchy

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are still a thing Dlisted

Kaley Cuoco went as Justin Bieber for Halloween Fishwrapper

Jennifer Lopez has a tell-all book Moe Jackson

Taylor Swift‘s “1989” sold 1.2M copies. She made a celebration video. Hollywood Life

Carlina Cruz. Yes, please. Celebslam

Joanna Krupa doesn’t need a bra WWTDD

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Tara Booher Says Good Morning, Links

It costs $85K to Photoshop Mariah Carey  [Dlisted]

Lena Dunham’s sister has something to say now [Fishwrapper]

Melissa George’s nipples went to an event (NSFW) [Taxi Driver Movie]

Here’s a lot of pictures of Kate Upton’s butt  [The Superficial]

Selena Gomez forgot her bra [Popoholic]

Lea Michelle’s Halloween costume. I approve. [Drunken Stepfather]

Nina Agdal in a bikini [Hollywood Tuna]

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are never breaking up  [Hollywood Life]

Beyonce is dropping a “suprise” album [Celebitchy]

Kate Beckinsale is still super hot  [Moe Jackson]

Sara Stephens. GOOD LAWD [Celebslam]

A Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleader is the latest victim of The Fappening [COED]

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Emily Ratajkowski Is Topless, Links
Emily Ratajkowski Is Topless, Links


Xander from  Buffy The Vampire Slayer got arrested  [Dlisted]

Paris Hilton is now a brunette. That’s hot  [Fishwrapper]

Iggy Azalea has a massive camel toe (NSFW site) [Taxi Driver Movie]

Kelly Brook is not single anymore, wears these shorts  [The Superficial]

Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz touris still mostly her non-existent ass [Hollywood Tuna]

Blake Lively is all legs [Popoholic]

Vanessa Hudgens has grown a butt [Drunken Stepfather]

Peyton Manning is the NFL’s all-time passing TD leader [Hollywood Life]

Justin Theroux has been engaged to Jennifer Aniston since 2012, won’t discuss wedding plans with her [Celebitchy]

Melissa Howe behind the scenes for Playboy   [Moe Jackson]

Joanna Kupra is hot as hell  [Celebslam]

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Amy Jane Brand Says Good Morning, Links
Amy Jane Brand Says Good Morning, Links


Jude Law has five kids now [Dlisted]

Lorde took a selfie. Doesn’t look 45. [Fishwrapper]

Ashley Greene is really cold in her new movie (NSFW site) [Taxi Driver Movie]

Robin Thicke is rebounding with Leo DiCaprio  [The Superficial]

Kelly Brook still has giant boobs [Hollywood Tuna]

Gigi Hadid is all kinds of hot [Popoholic]

Jason Biggs pissed in Chelsea Handler’s face [Drunken Stepfather]

This really sucked  [Hollywood Life]

Dane Cook is still a douche [Celebitchy]

Selena Gomez should always wear this   [Moe Jackson]

Chanelle Hayes has the hugest of racks [Celebslam]

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Emily Sears Says Good Morning, Links
Emily Sears Says Good Morning, Links


Christina Hendricks shouldn’t wear this  [Dlisted]

Lorde took a selfie. Doesn’t look 45. [Fishwrapper]

Kate Upton’s bra is struggling (NSFW site) [Taxi Driver Movie]

“Bethenney Frankel in a bikini” is much worse than it sounds  [The Superficial]

Yara Khmidan in a bikini. Yes, please. [Hollywood Tuna]

Megan Fox doesn’t care if you see her panties [Popoholic]

The Headhuntr takes nice pics  [Drunken Stepfather]

Well, Terminus didn’t last long [Hollywood Life]

Beyonce took a selfie with the Mona Lisa [Celebitchy]

Emma Stone is really white  [Moe Jackson]

Guess the butt [Celebslam]

Sorry about your future lower back problems, ladies [The Chive]

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Juliana Herz Says Good Afternoon, Links
Juliana Herz Says Good Afternoon, Links


Justin Theroux’s junk is distracting to everyone on The Leftovers [Dlisted]

LOL at Kim Kardashian’s ass from the back  [Fishwrapper]

Elisabetta Canalis lost her bikini top (NSFW) [Taxi Driver Movie]

Gwyneth Paltrow has a boyfriend… [The Superficial]

Miranda Kerr is perfect [Hollywood Tuna]

Jessica Alba in a bikini [Popoholic]

Genevieve Morton in a bikini  [Drunken Stepfather]

Kelly Ripa really loves botox [Celebitchy]

Taylor Swift continues to be hot  [Moe Jackson]

Devin Brugman might tip over  [Celebslam]

Join the rebellion against bras [The Chive]

Tom Daly named sexiest man in the world [toofab]

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Nathalia Castellon Says Good Afternoon, Links
Nathalia Castellon Says Good Afternoon, Links


Tom Hardy and a dog  [Dlisted]

Forever 21 said Chrissy Teigen was too fat. Ok.  [Fishwrapper]

It must be cold where Emmy Rossum works out (NSFW) [Taxi Driver Movie]

This is a post about Hilary Duff’s butt  [The Superficial]

Irina Shayk in lingerie [Hollywood Tuna]

Jessica Alba in a bikini   [Popoholic]

Lea Michele in a bikini, looks pregnant [Drunken Stepfather]

Zoe Saldana has dated some assholes [Celebitchy]

Taylor Swift’s legs though [Moe Jackson]

Of course Gwyneth Paltrow would drive this  [Celebslam]

Angie Varona. Yes please. [The Chive]

The chick who spent $30K to look like Kim Kardashian looks better than Kim Kardashian [toofab]

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