Alison Brie Did GQ Mexico, Links

Suki Waterhouse is see through  (NSFW)  Taxi Driver Movie

A teenage Kennedy is the worst    Dlisted

Charlie Riina, Yes, please.   The Superficial

Here’s a bunch of porn stars riding a bull   Hollywood Tuna

Kate Upton is looking rough  Drunken Stepfather

Demi Lovato is busting out   Popoholic

Alessia Tedeschi in a bikini. Yes, please.   Celebslam

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Kelly Brook Can’t Find Change, Links

Here’s Gigi Hadid‘s nipples  (NSFW)  Taxi Driver Movie

Jesus Leto cut his hair for Suicide Squad   Dlisted

Justin Bieber is banging this   The Superficial

Simone Villas has a booty you should know   Hollywood Tuna

Lindsay Hancock is the future  Drunken Stepfather

Gwen Stefani in tight leather pants   Popoholic

Sofia Vergara in tight jeans. Yes, pls   Celebslam

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SNL Did An ISIS Skit. Good Morning


Hey, remember when Western teenagers would join Greenpeace or date a minority to piss off their parents? That was cool. Now they’re joining ISIS for some reason. ISIS, as you know, is a terrorist organization who has hijacked a religion and twisted it’s principles and teachings to justify killing and subjugating others. It’s sorta like the CPAC but with less air conditioning and hand made signs. Anyway, making fun of extremists is always fun. Here’s some links.


Lady Gaga is topless in her new music video  (NSFW)  Taxi Driver Movie

These two are coming for Kelly Osbourne’s job   Dlisted

SHIT  The Superficial

I agree with this statement   Hollywood Tuna

Taylor Swift kissing things  Drunken Stepfather

Elle Fanning has been doing some squats   Popoholic

Khloe Kardashian has to special order her yoga pants   Celebslam

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Kelly Brook Says Good Morning, Links

Chelsea Handler thinks people want to see her boobs for some reason  (NSFWTaxi Driver Movie

North West gave the best review of Kanye’s new fashion line   Dlisted

Even new religions can’t wait to get offended  The Superficial

Alyssa Miller in lingerie   Hollywood Tuna

Charlotte McKinney is a monster  Drunken Stepfather

Dakota Johnson at the 50 Shades of Grey premiere   Popoholic

Megan Fox in dem jeans    Celebslam

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The 2015 SI Swimsuit Ladies Say Good Morning, Links

Samantha Hoopes is all kinds of sexy  (NSFWTaxi Driver Movie

Here’s a naked Helena Bonham Carter hugging a dead fish   Dlisted

Kanye West is looking at Taylor Swift weird   The Superficial

YES PLEASE   Hollywood Tuna

Miranda Kerr is topless for LOVE  Drunken Stepfather

Hilary Duff is doing these jeans a favor   Popoholic

Khloe Kardashian’s ass almost killed a man    Celebslam

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Micaela Schaefer Says Good Morning, Links (NSFW)

Amanda Holden is very cold  (NSFWTaxi Driver Movie

Madonna‘s new video debuted on Snapchat   Dlisted

Brian Williams is your new Chris Kyle   The Superficial

Miss Spain spends a lot on eyebrows   Hollywood Tuna

Kim Kardashian is naked innn yawwwwwnnn (NSFW)  Drunken Stepfather

Sarah Hyland is pretty cute   Popoholic

This is what Iggy Azalea’s ass really looks like    Celebslam


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Chrissy Teigen Says Good Morning, Links

Vivica A. Fox has some dinner plates  (NSFWTaxi Driver Movie

Ashton Kutcher made Mila Kunis join Tinder   Dlisted

I linked this for the title   Egotastic!

JWoww has more gigantic boobs now   Celebslam

Bobbi Kristina isn’t even dead and they’re fighting over her money   The Superficial

Adriana Lima is still hot   Hollywood Tuna

WTF is this  Drunken Stepfather

Taylor Swift’s legs. Yes, please  Popoholic



Hey, did you see the Saved By The Bell reunion (minus Screech) on Jimmy Fallon last night? Good times, good times.


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Denise Schaefer Says Good Morning, Links


Gigi Hadid likes thongs  (NSFWTaxi Driver Movie

Channing Tatum is very subtle  Dlisted

Katherine Heigl has to resort to this  Egotastic!

Alicia Silverstone looks cold   Celebslam

Megan Fox is still promoting TMNT. Why?   The Superficial

GOOD LAWD  Hollywood Tuna

No wonder Bieber cheated on Selena with this  Drunken Stepfather

Emily Ratajkowski is bouncy  Popoholic

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Jessica Davies Says Good Morning, Links

Nicola McLean passed on the bra   (NSFWTaxi Driver Movie

The runner-up crown snatched at the Miss Amazonas pageant  Dlisted

Iggy Azalea’s ass in unfortunate Egotastic!

Talita Correa is stacked  Celebslam

Kim Kardashian and her gigantic, naked ass in in a magazine again  The Superficial

Brittany Mason in a bikini. Yes, please  Hollywood Tuna

Heather Graham in a bikini  Drunken Stepfather

Keeley Hazell is back, in a bikini  Popoholic

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AshleyInLA Says World Peace, Links

Maybe Josie Cunningham shouldn’t get drunk in public  (VERY NSFWTaxi Driver Movie

Even Waffle House doesn’t make Kanye West happy Dlisted

Bar Refaeli loves her boobs more than you  Celebslam

Miss any of the Super Bowl commercials? Well, here you go  The Superficial

Scarlett Johansson has a new lesbian haircut  Hollywood Tuna

Luci Ford won the Super Bowl  Drunken Stepfather

Nicole Meyer’s bikini will melt your eyeballs  Popoholic

Be a cool kid and check out Ashley’s site. Buy her a gift. AshleyInLA

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