Demi Lovato Did A Concert & Links

SNL’s Michael Che says Boston is the most racist city in America    [  Dlisted  ]

Arianny Celeste is topless on the beach (NSFW)  [  Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Ashley Graham in a swimsuit without Photoshop   [  DrunkenStepfather   ]

Mandy Moore in tight jeans  [  Popoholic  ]

Bella Hadid‘s top might be too small  [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Ashley Greene has leggings and no bra   (NSFW site)  [  The Nip Slip   ]

Good lord, Taylor Hill  [  Moe Jackson   ]

Jared Kushner is probably running the whole government  [ Cele|bitchy  ]

More Demi Lovato  [  IDLY ]

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Selena Gomez Looks Stacked & Links

Gwyneth Paltrow thinks octopuses are too smart to eat    [  Dlisted  ]

Paris Jackson has a nipple ring  [  Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Barbara Pavlin is see through   [  DrunkenStepfather   ]

Mandy Moore in tight jeans  [  Popoholic  ]

Anne Hathaway is pretty and boring  [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Caitlin O’Connor is topless with a snake   (NSFW site)  [  The Nip Slip   ]

Selena Weber in a bikini  [  Moe Jackson   ]

Brad Pitt spends 15 hours a day smoking, sculpture, and listening to Bon Iver  [ Cele|bitchy  ]

More Emily Rajakowski  [  IDLY ]

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Emily Ratajkowski Is Naked Again & Links

La Sirena

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Abbey Clancy is see through  [  Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Drake admitted to drunk texting Jennifer Lopez in a song   [  Dlisted  ]

Trump tried to force One Direction to meet his Ivanka  [  The Superficial   ]

Not sure what Arianny Celeste is doing here   [  DrunkenStepfather   ]

Jennifer Lopez is still all ass  [  Popoholic  ]

Good lord, Rachel Cook   [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Christine Millian‘s cameltoe is severe   (NSFW site)  [  The Nip Slip   ]

Elle Fanning suffered a wardrobe malfunction  [  Moe Jackson   ]

Amy Schumer remains annoying  [ Cele|bitchy  ]

More Emily Rajakowski  [  IDLY ]

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Hilary Duff In These Pants & Links

Gigi Hadid had a slip on the runway  (NSFW )  [  Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Chris Brown is apparently a major drug addict  [  Dlisted  ]

There’s a CGI Johnny Depp in the new Pirates movie  [  The Superficial   ]

Mischa Barton in a bikini if you’re into that  [  DrunkenStepfather   ]

Kate Upton‘s pitiful ass in jeans [  Popoholic  ]

A moment with Jasmine Tookes  [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Chantel Jeffries in a bikini (NSFW)  [  The Nip Slip   ]

I think Minka Kelly has been doing 500 squats a day  [  Moe Jackson   ]

Susan Sarandon doesn’t want you to blame her for Trump   [ Cele|bitchy  ]

More Hilary Duff  [  IDLY ]

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Sophie Mudd In A Bikini & Links
Sophie Mudd In A Bikini & Links


This is how Bella Hadid exits a car  (NSFW )  [  Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Leah Remini says Tom Cruise could star in Mission Impossible: Scientology  [  Dlisted  ]

The Wonder Woman movie is fantastic or shit or just okay  [  The Superficial   ]

Kelly Brook‘s 1998 photoshoot is a sad reminder   [  DrunkenStepfather   ]


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Abigail Ratchford Is Valentine’s Day Links

Last pic with roses for a while, promise @partylikejzl

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Karlie Kloss is on a braless vacation  (NSFW )  [  Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Nick Cannon is quitting “America’s Got Talented”    [  Dlisted  ]

Robin Thicke wants more kids, this should go well   [  The Superficial   ]

Jessica Alba vs Hilary Duff vs Jennifer Aniston in bikinis in Mexico  [  DrunkenStepfather   ]

Emma Stone with the sad cleavage  [  Popoholic  ]

Bryanna Holly is a Valentine’s Day gift   [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Ashlen Alexandra topless at the beach   (NSFW)  [  The Nip Slip   ]

Favorite red carpet legs at the Grammys  [  Moe Jackson   ]

Angelina Jolie is looking for a new publicist  [ Cele|bitchy  ]

More Abigail Ratchford  [  Crave Girls ]


Roses are red Violets are blue Can’t buy me love So a pizza will do

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Insert Bachelor joke here @partylikejzl Lingerie by @starlinela

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Good Lawd, Penelope Cruz & Links
Good Lawd, Penelope Cruz & Links


Puppies predicting the Super Bowl on The Tonight Show   [  Dlisted  ]

Elizabeth Ratajkowski‘s struggle is real  [  The Superficial   ]

Kendal Jenner‘s nipples for Love Magazine  (NSFW )  [  Taxi Driver Movie  ]

I was unaware Vanessa Hudgens had all this  [  DrunkenStepfather   ]

Demi Rose. That is all.  [  Crave Girls  ]

That’s not how you get out of a car, Kate Bosworth  [  Popoholic  ]

Nina Dobrev remains hot as hell  [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Britney Spears‘ bra fell off   (NSFW)  [  The Nip Slip   ]

Georgia May Jagger and Grumpy Cat. Ok then.   [  Moe Jackson   ]

Stores aren’t selling Ivanka Trump‘s clothes anymore. That’ll teach her!  [ Cele|bitchy  ]

The time Penelope Cruz wore this   [  IDLY  ]


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Anastasia Ashley’s Butt Will Help America Heal & Links
Anastasia Ashley’s Butt Will Help America Heal & Links


Salma Hayek has to explain herself because its 2017   [  Dlisted  ]

Elizabeth Hurley in a bikini  [  The Superficial   ]

Of course Kim Kardashian wore this  (NSFW )  [  Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid are Arab activists now  [  DrunkenStepfather   ]


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Emily Ratajkowski Did Her Thing & Links

A meteorologist who can’t stop laughing at Adam Driver  [  Dlisted  ]

Kaley Cuoco upskirt at the SAG Awards  (NSFW )  [  Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Ben Affleck‘s Live By Night lost $75M  [  The Superficial   ]

Victoria Justice is all legs  [  Popoholic  ]

This is a Britney Spears selfie  [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Bella Hadid in her porn stance  [  DrunkenStepfather   ]

Blac Chyna put this on Instagram  (NSFW)  [  The Nip Slip   ]

Kara Del Toro wore this to eat lunch  [  Moe Jackson   ]

Salma Hayek is racist now apparently  [ Cele|bitchy  ]

Hey there, Taylor Hill   [  Crave Girls  ]

Emily Ratajkowski at the Golden Globes #NeverForget  [  IDLY  ]

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Sara Underwood In A Thong & Links
Sara Underwood In A Thong & Links


Laura Prepon is knocked up with Ben Foster‘s baby    [  Dlisted  ]

Suki Waterhouse forgot her bra  (NSFW )  [  Taxi Driver Movie  ]

Taylor Swift doesn’t care about women people   [  The Superficial   ]

Kaley Cuoco wore this shirt  [  Popoholic  ]

Rhian Sugden for the USA   [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Eva Longoria‘s hips are not alternative facts  [  DrunkenStepfather   ]

Amber Heard forgot her bra  (NSFW site )  [  The Nip Slip   ]

Well hey there, Karlie Kloss   [  Moe Jackson   ]

Angelina Jolie scored another modeling gig  [ Cele|bitchy  ]

Sister Wives doesn’t know what it’s about [  Reality Tea  ]

Remember when Sara Underwood got topless on Snapchat  (NSFW)  [  IDLY  ]


This van life tho by @everchanginghorizon

A photo posted by Sara Underwood (@saraunderwood) on

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