Sup, Lily Collins?
Sup, Lily Collins?


Not sure how Phil Collins’ sperm pulled this off, buy Lily Collins is cute as hell. She attended the premiere of Amazon Studios’ The Last Tycoon, and while I don’t know what that is, I do know cute skinny, brunette, white girls, so hopefully the movie is about that. No, wait, I just Googled it and it says it’s about “F. Scott Fitzgerald’s final unfinished novel is set in 1930s Hollywood, an era darkened by the Depression and the growing influence of Hitler”. Sounds like it’s gonna be about rich white people standing around talking. I already have Game Of Thrones for that. Sorry.


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Lily Collins Is Helping

I would post about Lily Collins more, but when was the last time you clicked on a Lily Collins post? I assume never. But she’s hot and she attended some event last night and here’s pictures of that event. She’s all smiles because she doesn’t know that her uterus will be forcibly removed by 5pm today when the world is enveloped in total darkness and chaos. If that doesn’t happen, I think Twitter and Facebook might have lied to us.


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Nick Jonas Is Banging Lily Collins

When Nick Jonas broke up with Olivia Cuplo she got naked, and when he wouldn’t text Kate Hudson back she got naked. He’s apparently dating Lily Collins now. Don’t let us down, Nick. 

A source tells ET the 23-year-old singer has started dating Lily Collins — actress and daughter of legendary musician Phil Collins. While the relationship is new, the source says, the two “are both into each other.”  A separate source tells ET that the pair, along with a group of friends, spent a weekend together at Mammoth Mountain, a ski resort in California.

I honestly have no idea how this came out of Phil Collins‘ balls. Like, how did that happen. That’s not supposed to happen. What does Hilary Clinton not want us to know? Did you know that Wall St. paid confidential speeches emails Beghazi Iowa servers something about coin tosses? That’s what I thought. Educate yourself. Read as many memes as you can.

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Lilly Collins Dresses Nice

I understand Lily Collins is trying to be sexy now, but I can't seem to get past the eyebrows. Maybe she's growing them out so she can donate them to Locks of Love or her dad. Would I still have sex with her? Yes, yes I would. I'll even cut holes in the pillow so she can breathe. I'm a very giving lover and I'm always trying to think of the other person's needs.

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This Is Snow White

No, seriously. From E! Online:

Lily Collins, daughter of hitmaker Phil, has been cast as the titular princess in Snow White, Relativity Media’s upcoming update of the Grimm fairytale turned Disney classic, the studio confirmed Friday.

The role of Prince Andrew Alcott, who traditionally awakens the princess from her poison-apple-induced sleep, went to Hammer last week, and Julia Roberts is onboard to play the evil Queen. Just days ago, The Lovely Bones star Saoirse Ronan had been linked to the role of Snow White, but… Lily obviously proved fairest of them all.

Snow White is supposed to be hot and pale with black hair, not look like a werewolf with freckles from the eyes up, so this makes about as much sense as “”Sussudio.” In the story, Snow White is also described to have lips as red as blood from when her mother pricks a finger on a sewing needle. Here’s hoping she saved some of that thread for the poor girl’s eyebrows. If they were going to put Lily Collins in a fairy tale movie, I’d expect her to pretend to be Amanda Seyfried’s grandma.

Images via WENN.

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Lily Collins at the MTV Movie Awards. She’s 21, so I can legally say what my tongue would do to her vagina, but I won’t. I’m a sensitive gentleman and would never objectify a woman like that.

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