My LG Rumor Touch Has Moved In
My LG Rumor Touch Has Moved In

As mentioned on Wednesday, Virgin Mobile sent me a new LG Rumor Touch in exchange for me telling you how great it is and providing it a good home. It moved in last night, and here are some pics of his first few hours in my apartment. It shouldn't take long for him to make friends or find his way around downtown Raleigh. But if he does get lost, his GPS-enabled navigation device with turn-by-turn voice directions, the Virgin Mobile Navigator, will let him get lost only if it wants to!

Please enjoy the musical interlude while you view these fantastic pics!


He told me that he had never seen True Blood, so we made some popcorn, and watched it! He was amazed! And with his Connect social networking feature, all of his social connections are in one place! He can tell everyone how much his roommate wants to plow Jessica on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, or more all at the same time!


It's summer, so he really loves going to the pool, so we stepped out onto the balcony where I showed him my building's pool! He was concerned about talking on the phone and playing beer pong at the same time, but I reminded him that with his Blue-Tooth enabled accessories, he can go hands-free all the time!


Like me, he's apparently an avid reader, so he wanted to look at my collection! Even though I have a lot of books, with his substantial memory that's expandable to up to 16GBs, he'll be able to enjoy and remember for years to come!


"Who is the hot piece?", he asked. Now that he's a fan, with his speakerphone and voice-activated dialing features, he doesn't have to waste a minute using his hands for anything else!

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