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Christ. Like I don’t even know where to start. As expected, Katy Perry had no business performing at the Super Bowl halftime show. I was just a bunch of bright, shiny things to distract you from the fact that lip-synching chick with the weave is a mediocre talent with a big rack who sells a lot of albums because America is mostly dumb. Lenny Kravitz was probably on beach right at dawn scrubbing his soul with a rock, but at least Katy Perry was just an opening act for Missy Elliot. I would say the halftime show was as depressing as the commercials, but you can’t really compete with amputees and dead kids if you’re trying to depress someone. I was seriously waiting for a Wendy’s commercial where they shot a puppy in the head and euthanized a homeless man to promote their new Frosty campaign.


Check out the whole performance after the jump. I like the part where Katy Perry tries to learn Missy Elliot’s dance routine on the stage.



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Alex Rodriguez is Single

Days after reports that Yankees shortstop, Alex Rodriguez, was having an affair with Madonna, he and his wife of five years, Cynthia, have split after months of ongoing marriage problems. Problems that may arise when your wife is banging Lenny Kravitz. New York Daily News reports:

Word of the breakup comes a day after widespread reports that the Bombers’ $275 million cleanup hitter has been rounding the bases with pop icon Madonna – and team owner Hank Steinbrenner blamed recent poor play on “outside distractions.” “It’s true,” the source said of A-Rod’s separation from his wife of five years. “They’ve been having problems for about three months.” Word of the couple’s marital strife comes less than three months after they expressed how “thrilled” they were with the April 21 birth of their daughter, Ella Alexander. Rodriguez, 32, didn’t join his wife in Miami until 10 minutes after she gave birth, and spent only a day with her and their newborn before rejoining the Yankees. Revelations of the couple’s not-so-great-nuptials came as new rumors surfaced on the Internet that Cynthia Rodriguez, 34, was having a fling with rocker Lenny Kravitz.”

Alex Rodriguez makes $28 million a year in base salary alone, so something inside me thinks he just might be able to pull through this. He could probably spend his nights crying in his bed, but the chances of him spending the rest of the summer papier macheing models with $100 dollar bills and semen seem pretty good, too.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie in NYC on July 1st:

Photos: Splash

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