W Magazine Is Boring

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Content on bringing you boring photoshoots of actresses you may recognize from that one movie you saw that one time, Leelee Sobieski, Kat Dennings, and Christina Ricci posed in the August 2011 issue of W Magazine. This issue really isn’t that exciting except for when it will be on the news later because a hipster bought it and jacked off so hard he died.

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88 Minutes Premiered Last Night

In addition to Alicia Witt playing a character named “Kelly Cummings,” Al Pacino’s new film 88 Minutes looks pretty damn awesome. Mostly because it stars Al Pacino and Al Pacino is good in everything. He could be in a movie where he kills my parents and gets my girlfriend pregnant and I would still give it 5 stars on Netflix.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the premiere in Las Vegas last night:

We’re not done yet. More pictures here…

Pictured: Al Pacino, Leelee Sobieski, Leah Cairns, William Forsythe, Alicia Witt, Shannon Walls, Summer Altice, Verina Marcel

Photos: Splash

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Leelee Sobieski is Wearing Panties

Scouring the Internet to bring you celebrity nip slips and upskirts takes tireless hard work and dedication. Sometimes that hard work pays off, sometimes you get Leelee Sobieski. She’s supposed to be hot, but that might be true if she didn’t look like an alien sent to Earth to harvest humans for food. Seriously, what’s wrong with her face? It looks like Helen Hunt’s autopsy photo.

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Linklink Sobieski

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Leelee Sobieski at the 2007 Library Lions Benefit on Nov. 5th:

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