Laure Manaudou is Naked

Laure Manaudou is a French swimmer and Olympic gold medalist. I’d never heard of her until Paul was good enough to email these naked pictures of her to us last night. Apparently the story behind these is that Laure took these pictures for her former lover, an Italian swimmer named Luca Marin, and Marin is supposedly the person who leaked these on the Internet. So … Laure is frighteningly muscular, she’s a freak, she’s fun, and every time I see her last name I pronounce it “Man-a-doo,” and that sounds like “Xanadu” and it makes me want to disco roller boogie. Henceforth and forever more, Laure Manaudou is awesome.

Very NSFW naked “sex” pictures of Laure Manaudou after the jump…

Click thumbnails for larger NSFW pictures:

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