Laura Vandervoort Is In Her Place

As the title suggests, there’s a person named Laura Vandervoort and she let Esquire come in her house and take pictures of her. They obviously came at the right time. I’m a fan of blondes again for a few weeks, so I’d totally marry this chick. I could ask. She’d probably do it just to change her fucked up last name. Then I can call her Lord Vandervoort and my penis Harry Potter then she can spend a lot of time trying to kill it.

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Laura Vandervoort Does PETA

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Laura Vandervoort, best known as Supergirl in Smallville and the girl who needed three pieces of paper to write her name in kindergarten, is naked in body paint in a new ad for PETA. Because, I don’t know, what the fuck else is she gonna do?

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