Megan Fox Dragged Laura Linney Into This

In my effort to post every picture of Megan Fox on the set of TMNT 2, I’m sad to report that Laura Linney is in this bullshit. Fucking Laura Linney plays a cop in a movie about CGI turtles who know karate and like pizza. Is Laura facing foreclosure? Is she trying to raise enough to ransom her daughter back from ISIS? Someone needs to explain this. In the meantime, Megan Fox is in a tight shirt that probably wouldn’t need a hanger after I was done with it. Because it would be really stiff. From dried semen. That’s where I was going with that.

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Gary Busey is Insane

I’m not even going to pretend that I know what Gary Busey was high on last night. At this point, it’s hard to know why he’s even allowed through security at these things anymore. He’s fucking crazy. If they really wanted him to attend they should have put him in a cage and wheeled him down the red carpet. That way he couldn’t do things like, I don’t know, barge in on interviews, ramble incoherently, and molest Jennifer Garner. You could make a strong case that this video could be submitted as Exhibit A for that. You could also make a strong case that this video could be the darkhorse favorite for “Best Achievement in Two Actresses I Was Unaware I Wanted A Threesome With Until Now”. Could they take home the gold? Find out live on ABC!

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