Lara Stone It Putting A Lot Of Pressure On Those Straps, Links

Nick Stahl is missing and no one cares [The Superficial]
Miley Cyrus is still looking good [Popoholic]
Tiffani “I Dropped the Amber” Thiessen is a good looking blast from the past [Hollywood Tuna]
Melissa George is see-through (NSFW site) [Taxi Driver Movie]
Joe Jonas went shopping with a much hotter friend [Dlisted]
Jenny McCarthy is posing for Playboy again [Celebuzz]
Katie Holmes is pissed at Tom Cruise [Celebitchy]
Britney Spears is going to have to try a little harder (NSFW site) [The Nip Slip]
Battleship and The Dictator have reviews [COED Magazine]
20 Phrases You Hear During Graduation, and What They Really Mean [College Humor]
17 things you probably didn’t know [The Chive]
Irina Shayk is selling something [Moe Jackson]
Cameron Diaz (more…)

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Lara Stone Is Really, Really Naked

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According to Wikipedia, Lara Stone is a Dutch model who just got completely naked for the Spring/Summer issue of Love Magazine. Also according to Wikipedia, critoniopsis cotopaxensis is a species of flowering plant in the Asteraceae family. It is found only in Ecuador. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montanes. It is threatened by habitat loss. Somehow, that’s not as interesting.

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