Krysten Ritter Did The ‘Jessica Jones’ S2 Premiere In This Dress
Krysten Ritter Did The ‘Jessica Jones’ S2 Premiere In This Dress


So, I binged S2 of Jessica Jones this weekend. It was okay. But if they want to do a third season, I’d probably start filming it yesterday, because Krysten Ritter looks like she aged about 15 years. Wait, did S2 happen 15 years later? If so, never mind. I understand now. My bad.


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Krysten Ritter Did The ‘Defenders’ Premiere
Krysten Ritter Did The ‘Defenders’ Premiere


Daredevil was great. Jessica Jones was great. Luke Cage was great until Cottonmouth died. The Iron Fist was I don’t know I lasted one episode. So maybe Defenders will be great. The jokes in the trailer aren’t. But the trailer also has Krysten Ritter‘s fine ass, so that means I’l be watching however many episodes they have. Because, as I said, Krysten Ritter is fine. The premiere of Marvel’s Defenders was last night and she wore this dress. Other casts members were there as well. Good for them.


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Krysten Ritter Might Play Ana In Fifty Shades of Grey

To be honest, I have no idea what that headline means. E! reports:

Krysten Ritter, whose name has been bandied about as a possibility to play the impressionable and nubile Anastasia Steele, has only added fuel to the sexy fire by retweeting a fan’s endorsement that stemmed from a Cinemablend report that the 31-year-old actress was gunning for the role.

Based on social media, women who are unable to have an orgasm love this book, so hopefully this is good news to them that a movie is being made. I assume it’s hard to read a book while using a vibrator. Also, idea: Vibrators that are also reading lights.

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