Kimberly Stewart Has a Hot Ass

According to MTV Cribs, Kimberly Stewart lives at her daddy’s (Rod Stewart) 35 million dollar mansion. She’s also unmarried with no kids, and no “real” job to speak of, so with all that in mind, I can’t imagine why “personal trainer,” “personal chef,” and “mirrors” don’t appear to be on her list of priorities. This is a textbook example of really high self esteem and really big delusion. Given the fact that Kim Stewart is a really stuck up bitch, I can only imagine this is her friends’ fault and they’re laughing right now. “Yeah, wear that bikini, Kim! You look soooo hot! No, I wasn’t laughing. I just choked on a little vomit.”

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Rod Stewart’s Kids Suck

Rod Stewart’s marriage to Alana Stewart produced Kimberly Stewart (birth name: Alana Kimberly Stewart) and Sean Stewart, both of whom in their short lives have proven themselves to be entitled assholes. Sean Stewart can’t keep his hands to himself, and a lawsuit was filed this week for one of at least two reported incidents.

Refoua’s lawyer, Sean Bral, said his client was beaten up January 5, 2006, by a group including Stewart after accidentally bumping into the singer’s son at Hollywood’s LAX nightclub. The melee followed an argument between Refoua and Stewart, who had a bodyguard with him, Bral said. “The next thing you know, he gets punched in the face and he’s getting punched by Stewart and his bodyguard and whoever it was who was with him,” he said. Refoua, who is in his 20s, suffered a fractured nose and other injuries, Bral said. The lawsuit seeks unspecified general, special and punitive damages.”

The lawsuit comes about two months after Stewart, one of the stars of the A&E reality show “Sons of Hollywood,” was arrested in a separate attack on a couple outside a Hollywood Hills party. The couple said they were in a truck in April when Stewart and others confronted them and began punching and throwing bricks at them and the vehicle. Stewart has pleaded not guilty to felony charges in the case. He remains free on $60,000 bail pending a hearing Monday.”

I was going to make fun of this guy for getting beat up by that little weasel, Sean Stewart (who has his own name tattooed on himself, sealing his douche-fate for life), but then I remembered the “and his bodyguard” part up there. It takes a real brave wuss to not only walk around with a bodyguard when he’s C-list at best, but also team up on one guy who accidentally bumped into him. Wait, Kimberly Stewart’s real name is “Alana?” Her mother named her daughter after herself? Is conceit flammable? Because if so, I’d recommend inviting this family to a lot of bonfires, and using Kimberly Stewart’s bony ass for kindling.

Obligatory Kimberly Stewart pictures:


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Kim Stewart and Tommy Lee are Dating

I realize Tommy Lee will stick his penis in pretty much anything, but there’s no reason for his standards to be quite this low. Kimberly Stewart (Rod Stewart’s daughter) scoops up Paris Hilton’s leftovers, is hideous and appears to have 6 toes on both of her disgusting feet. Honestly, I’d have more respect for Tommy Lee if he was dating a bucket of KFC chicken. At least he could eat that without throwing up. And it would be funny to watch Pamela Anderson’s head explode.

Kim and Tommy on June 29th:

Update: Here they are again yesterday. Photo courtesy of Celebrity Babylon.

More Kimberly Stewart hotness to add to our bikini theme today:

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