Whore Gonna Do What It Do

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Because stretched out denim and body hair removal is sexy, here’s the three whores of the apocalypse posing naked to whore out their new denim line. The jeans, of course, are from the Kardashian Kollection. The clothing line made by Chinese kids hooked up to a car battery in case they forget just who in the fuck they’re working for. Kris Jenner pays them in marbles and dog treats, she can’t just give this shit away you know. I heard that if a worker doesn’t place a portrait of Kris Jenner in a prominent place above their work area that she saws off their feet and feeds them to Khloe. Then Khloe bathes in their blood and wrestles an alligator to strike fear into their hearts. I may have just made that last part up because of my seething hatred toward the whole family, but ask yourself friends, does anyone know for sure? Do they really know?

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