The Entourage Movie Is Cursed

This is how I choose to read this. People reports:

Last time anybody will tell this actor to break a leg. While filming the Entourage movie, Kevin Connolly suffered that very fate while shooting a football scene with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. "Pain management advice from a Super Bowl champ!!! #brokenleg" the actor Tweeted along with a picture of himself and the football pro on March 21. But it looks as if Connelly has some serious skills when it comes to the sport. "This actually was during a take and my man @mrkevinconnolly came down with the ball!" Tweeted director Doug Ellin.

I could say my only regret is that Kevin Connolly didn't break both of legs, but that would make me sound like a dick. But good thing Connolly was on set with Russell Wilson. Because Russell Wilson is an N.C. State alum. And they just gradually kinda get used to being .500.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Probably Had Sex With Kate Bosworth

You never can tell with Star Magazine, but they are now reporting that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Bosworth were at Bardot in Hollywood on Tuesday night. And then the unthinkable happened:

“Kate was all over Leo,” says an eyewitness. “Her body language suggested that she wanted to be more that just friends and wasn’t worried who saw. They spent the entire night together side by side, intimately whispering in each others ears and squeezing each other tight.” Leo was with a group of pals, including Kevin Connelly and Lukas Haas, at a table in the VIP section. They were surrounded by about 11 woman including Leelee Sobieski, but it was Kate who was snuggling up to Leo. “Leo and Kate acted as if there was no one else in the club,” continues the source. “She was making sure his focus was solely on her and the black skintight dress she was wearing certainly helped. When the club closed at 2am, Leo and Kate left with the rest of the group to keep the party going elsewhere.”

This can’t be right. Especially since Leo gets to bang this every night. Kate Bosworth has a gigantic head and looks like that dude in the attic in Hellraiser. Seriously, if Kate didn’t at some point show DiCaprio her puzzle box that opens a portal to Hell, I just can’t bring myself to believe this story.

Click here for the rest of this post, and pictures of Kate Bosworth…

Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Connolly, Adam Levine, and Zac Efron at the Lakers game this weekend:

Kate Bosworth in Hollywood on November 10th:

Photos: Lakers game – Splash

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Suge Knight is a Biter

Entourage star(?) Kevin Connolly was left bleeding after play wrestling with degenerate thug Suge Knight at Lebron James’ ESPY Awards after party last Wednesday. NY Daily News says:

Kevin and Suge were wrestling and Suge literally bit Kevin’s finger,” says a witness. “He was bleeding everywhere.” Was Kevin fighting back? “No way! He was too busy bleeding.”…”Kevin didn’t seem too upset,” says the spy, “although he must have been in tons of pain.”

Just to put this in perspective, Kevin Connolly looks like a 5th grader and Suge Knight looks like The Thing in a baby blue track suit. Instead of “play fighting,” Suge was more than likely swatting this guy around the room like a cat with a balled up piece of paper. But whatever, Suge tries to come across like a bad ass so much, he’s probably a pussy in real life. Like he’s afraid of bunnies or he keeps a night light in his bathroom.

Fun fact: Suge Knight was seen earlier that night getting a lap dance from Paris Hilton. Man, Suge’s on top of the world!

Paris surfing(?) a few days ago:

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