Kelly Brook Wore This Dress, Links

#FBF Kelly Brook  [ IDLYITW ]

Rita Ora is see through  (NSFW)   [ Taxi Driver Movie ]

Tom Cruise is coming for Leah Remini  [ Dlisted ]

Jessa Duggar just got banished   [ The Superficial  ]

Elisa Meliani got topless for Treats Magazine  (NSFW)   [ The Nip Slip ]

Amber Heard in Marie Claire   [  DrunkenStepfather  ]

Selena Gomez in leather pants   [  Popoholic  ]

A Kelsey Van Mook picture moment    [  Hollywood Tuna  ]

Malena Costa in a bikini    [ Moe Jackson ]

Backstage at  2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show [ The Blemish ]

Marina Theiss in lingerie  [ Celebslam ]

Jennifer Lawrence thinks everyone has seen her naked  [ Crave ]

Andy Serkis talks all about his character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens   [  Egotastic  ]

The Sports Illustrated  Swimsuit 2016 dropped a teaser:

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Afternoon Dump – Tuesday

Max von Sydow will be on S6 of Game of Thrones. Someone please hold me.

Scott Walker got trolled so hard he enrolled in college

Ronda Rousey is starring in her own autobiography’s bio pic

The Duggars are broke and begging fans to buy their shitty t-shirts

Vanna White topless in the 80s

 Two people got shot and died at OVOFest. These two people were not Drake and Meek Mill

Kelly Osbourne thinks all Latinos clean toilets

Beyonce dropped $312K on a pair of shoes

Here’s a video of a cop and a baby skunk with its head stuck in a yogurt cup

Allure Magazine ran an Afro-style tutorial. They used a white model.

Kentucky cops handcuff 8-year olds with disabilities now

Lenny Kravitz split his pants and flashed his dick at a concert in Stokholm

Iggy Azalea admits to having a nose job

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Kelly Brook Wore This To Coachella

I thought I was done with celebrities pretending to be free spirit hippies documenting how free spirit and hippie they are with their smartphones at a corporate-sponsored music festival, but Kelly Brook wore this to Coachella, and her gigantic breasts told me I had to post about it again. Actually they told my penis. I was asleep and didn’t even know this happened. My penis usually just adds things to my calendar that he wants me to address.

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Kelly Brook Hopes You Had A Happy Easter, Links

Jessica Alba looks cold in her bikini  (NSFW) Taxi Driver Movie

Leonardo DiCaprio is doing this Dlisted

Paula Labaredas wished you a Happy Easter The Superficial

Frederikke Winther is perfection Hollywood Tuna

January Jones is topless Drunken Stepfather

Keeley Hazell is busting out of her bikini Popoholic

112 pictures Jessica Alba in a bikini  Celebslam

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Kelly Brook Makes Your Gym Selfies Obsolete
Kelly Brook Makes Your Gym Selfies Obsolete

Kelly Brook went to the grocery store yesterday, and I guess she bought twenty pounds of kale and quinoa, because goddamn. My penis would get five feet away from this and bust through her cervix like ISIS. lol jk my penis is really small and requires a pump.

Kelly Brook Gym

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Here’s Kelly Brook Grocery Shopping. Christ.

The other day we saw Kelly Brook shopping for bras, and today we see her grocery shopping. Basically, I’ll post any Kelly Brook pictures that I see. WENN could have pictures labeled, “Kelly Brook beheads bus of school children at Trader Joe’s in West Hollywood”, and I’d download the pics and kinda just crop around it.

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Kelly Brook Went Bra Shopping

Kelly Brook probably can’t buy bras in a normal store like you girls with small boobs (why go on living?), so she has to go shopping at the Victoria’s Secret where they carry 34E. This one is in West Hollywood, so it’s probably the safest place for a woman in LA, because all the men are outside couple skating in cut off jean shorts.

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Kelly Brook Says Good Morning, Links

Azealia Banks’ Playboy pics got released early (NSFW)  Taxi Driver Movie

Wanna watch Randy and Eva Quaid’s sex tapes?   Dlisted

Clint Eastwood says American Sniper is anit-war. He’s obvs a libtard faggot   The Superficial

Metisha Schaefer has a nice booty   Hollywood Tuna

Terry Richardson wants you to see a “natural woman” (NSFW)  Drunken Stepfather

Amanda Seyfried is hot as hell   Popoholic

Your daily reminder that Kim Kardashian’s ass is fake   Celebslam

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Hey There, Kelly Brook

I was going to write about Kathy Griffin and the new Star Wars spin-off movie that was just announced, but then I realized I would have to download Kathy Griffin pictures and talk about Star Wars. I didn’t feel comfortable with that. So I downloaded these pictures of Kelly Brook wearing tight jeans and looking like a shampoo commercial instead. I don’t know about you, but I feel much better about this decision. I also feel better about my decision to to have hibachi chicken for lunch today. Good stuff, good stuff.

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