Kelly Andrews Is The Big Winner

Zoo invites you to a Girls' Night In with Kelly Andrews, Hannah Martin, and Tiffany White, but the other two should take their sleeping bags and go home because there's no way to compete with Kelly's perfect (and natural, yes natural) 34FF rack. I only say this because it's true, and I've been talking to Kelly and she's agreed to grant me an interview. Nothing big, just a few questions with sexual innuendo complete with stilted and awkward answers. I'm pretty sure we'll be registered at Crate & Barrel soon. I mean, I did mention her tits, right?



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Kelly Andrews Is New Here

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I’m snowed in and can’t go anywhere, so to prove my love for you, here’s glamour model and Zoo favorite, Kelly Andrews. People make a big deal if you dig a homeless man out of some rubble in Haiti, but white girls with big tits who take pictures with their clothes off are the unsung heroes my friends. If Kelly Andrews was answering phones at the telethon, Haiti would have a Starbucks and a Nordstrom by now.


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