Hey There, Kate Winslet’s Boobs

Apparently there’s a movie called A Little Chaos and the UK premiere was last night, so I assume Kate Winslet is in it or knows somebody who is in it or just got invited because she told them she was gonna wear this dress and show her boobs. I mean, Kate Winslet gets topless in movies even if the role doesn’t necessarily call for it, like the time when she’s offered to play Rosa Parks. Michael Caine will be playing Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Never Banged Kate Winslet
Leonardo DiCaprio Never Banged Kate Winslet


Hey, remember when Titanic came out and it was in theaters for like a legit year? Then is came back to theaters again? That’s partly your fault. The movie made Leonardo DiCaprio into an international movie star and made Kate Winslet that chick from Titanic and some other stuff. So in the Marie Claire U.K.’s November issue, Kate Winslet reveals that she and DiCaprio never banged in real life. Probably because he only bangs Victoria’s Secret models and she was kinda fat in Titanic.

“I think the reason that friendship works is because there was never any romantic thing,” Winslet said. “It’s so disappointing for people to hear that, because in the soap opera of the Kate and Leo story we fell in love at first sight and had a million snogs, but actually we never did. He always saw me as one of the boys. I’ve never really been a girly-girl.” The duo has, however, remained very close friends since starring in 1997’s “Titanic.” DiCaprio even walked Winslet down the aisle at her 2012 wedding.

If you remember what Kate Winslet looked like in the 90s, it’s easy to see why Leonardo DiCaprio basically friend zoned her from the jump. He was really sweet and now they’re friends, because he faked drowned in a movie because there wasn’t any room left on that board for him with while her ass was on it.


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Kate Winslet Isn’t Taking Her Husband’s Stupid Last Name
Kate Winslet Isn’t Taking Her Husband’s Stupid Last Name


ALL HAIL THE PATRIARCHY IS DEAD!!!! Or, Kate Winslet's new husband's last name is "Rocknroll" and that's just really dumb. The Telegraph reports:

Winslet, who has previously been married to Jim Threapleton and Sam Mendes, told the Telegraph: “I was never going to change my name to Rocknroll. I’ve never changed my name to anything so I didn’t see a reason to start now. "I quite like Kate Winslet; in fact I think it’s very flashy. I’m proud of my name because I’m one of three girls and we have one boy in our family so essentially the only person who is going to carry the name along is my brother and he doesn’t have any children at the moment.”

Ned Rocknroll is the Head of Marketing Promotion and Astronaut Experience at Virgin Galactic, because you know, his uncle, Richard Branson owns the company. So maybe he should change his name to Ned Branson if he wants Kate to take his last name. "CHA-CHING," Kate Winslet was quoted as saying.


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Kate Winslet’s New Married Name Is “Kate Rocknroll”

Why would a 37-year old single mom and Oscar winner who has been married twice already, marry a dude with the last name “Rocknroll”? Easy. He’s Richard Branson‘s nephew. CHA-CHING! Page Six reports:

“Titanic” star Kate Winslet quietly married her boyfriend of a year, Richard Branson’s epically named nephew, Ned Rocknroll, in upstate New York earlier this month. According to reports, the intimate, “romantic, private” ceremony took place at a barn with only a few close friends present, including her “Titanic” co-star Leo DiCaprio, who gave the bride away. While reps for Winslet and DiCaprio didn’t immediately comment, it seems Winslet and Rocknroll, who changed his name from Abel Smith, have recently appeared deeply in love.

Kate Winslet split from director Sam Mendes in 2010 and now she’s married again. And obviously DiCpario woke up underneath a pile of bridesmaids. Congrats to both.

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Fire the Wardrobe Department, Links

This is Kate Winslet on the set of Labor Day. The director knows she likes getting naked in her films, right? Because someone needs to answer for this travesty.

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Sup, Kate?

Kate Winslet attented the London premiere of Titanic 3D in London yesterday, looking as hot as she did when it first came out 15 years ago. Everybody remember that? You should because it was in the theater for a fucking year and every girl you knew when to see it 75 times and then it was released a while back and now it’s in fucking 3D because James Cameron doesn’t have enough money to go scuba diving and women have vaginas so they think a movie about 1,514 hitting an iceberg and drowning to death is an epic love story. Jesus, ladies. Who cares if the guy is dying from hypothermia and is about to sink to the bottom of the black ocean? As long as he’s holding your hand and telling you he loves you, then that’s all that really matters, right ladies?

Near? Far? Wherever you are? I’m dead, bitch. You know where the fuck I am:

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Kate Winslet Won The Emmys

Even at 35, Kate Winslet was by far the hottest thing at the Emmys last night. And I’m not just saying that because I would very much like to titty fuck her. Haha, I’m totally kidding, you guys! That’s exactly why I’m saying that!

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Kate Winslet Is Single

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Legendary MILF and legendary actress, Kate Winslet, 34, and her husband of six years, director, Sam Mendes, 44, have split. BBC News reports:

“Kate and Sam are saddened to announce that they separated earlier this year,” said a statement by lawyers Schillings…”The split is entirely amicable and is by mutual agreement. Both parties are fully committed to the future joint parenting of their children. They ask that the media respect the privacy of the family.”

My mind is a terrible place, so instead of writing something here, I’d like to unveil a piece of new technology that IDLYITW has invented. It captures what I was thinking while I was writing this post and we feel it will give you the fans more of an insight of what it takes to be a successful blogger. Be warned, this technology may change the way you look at websites. For those with a sense of adventure and danger, you may see the results HERE.

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Other Things That Distract Mickey Rourke? These Links

If the British will flash Mickey Rourke‘s damaged mug, I best buy a plane ticket. [BadAndUgly]

You know who was at The Reader premiere? Kate Winslet. Who is naked in it. [LaineyGossip]

Liv Tyler has nice legs. Face questionable, legs nice. Site NSFW [DrunkenStepfather]

Miranda Kerr‘s legs are almost the right size to reach underneath my fridge and get those cookies that fell behind it. If she can grab cookies with her toes, that is. [SocialiteLife]

Allure has hotness Isla Fisher on it’s pages. [Egotastic]

Michel Phelps takes a good bong pic, but who celeb pot smoking sometimes boils down to the classic apple, right Charlize? [CityRag]

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Oscar Nominations Were Announced Today

The circle jerk that is the 81st Academy Awards announced their nominations today. Here are the top six categories:


FROST/NIXON – Ron Howard
MILK – Gus Van Sant
THE READER – Stephen Daldry


Richard Jenkins for THE VISITOR
Frank Langella for FROST/NIXON
Sean Penn for MILK
Mickey Rourke for THE WRESTLER

Angelina Jolie for CHANGELING
Melissa Leo for FROZEN RIVER
Meryl Streep for DOUBT
Kate Winslet for THE READER

Josh Brolin for MILK
Robert Downey Jr. for TROPIC THUNDER
Philip Seymour Hoffman for DOUBT
Heath Ledger for THE DARK KNIGHT
Michael Shannon for REVOLUTIONARY ROAD


Amy Adams for DOUBT
Viola Davis for DOUBT
Marisa Tomei for THE WRESTLER

No Gran Turino, no The Dark Knight, no Wall-E, no The Wrestler for Best Picture? Man, thanks Academy! Movies about a Nazi guard who likes to be read to and interviews from thirty years ago sound way more exciting! I can’t wait to see who wins!!

Heath Ledger on the set of his last film. He died one year ago today. R.I.P.:

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